Definitely a repeat customer!

Definitely a repeat customer. I ordered my crested gecko for sale Dec 21st. Of course I wasn’t expecting it for Christmas but I wasn’t expecting the amazing customer service either. CBReptiles cares about their reptiles and that’s amazing. Someone called me every few days to update me on the shipping process. They took every precaution from holiday traffic to winter weather to assure I got a live energetic baby gecko in this weather at this time of year and it worked. It arrived today, safe and sound. The heat pack was still warm.


Ordered a tiger pinstripe hatchling crested gecko for sale.. she got here on time and in great condition very nice looking gecko  thank you cbreptile.  I would highly recommend cb reptile to anyone considering buying a crested gecko for sale online withou hesitation!

Love my baby Flame Crested gecko!

Just got this sweet little flame crested gecko from CB. They’re customer service is amazing. I spoke to a lovely young woman named Courtney and she went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted. Highly recommend.  Thanks CB!  If you want to buy a crested gecko for sale, this is the spot!

Nicest Dalmatian crested geckos!

I am extremely please with my new baby crested gecko.  i ordered a baby female dalmatian crested gecko for one of my other geckos and she’s amazing.! I was considering quite a few crested gecko morphs and settled on super dalmatian. Her color is bright and her spots are nice and dark and large like I had hoped. I would not shop anywhere else ever again when looking for a gecko for sale online, because Cb reptile has earned my repeat business by selling my the nicest dalmatian crestie I have ever set my eyes on.  I am really happy with her and their prices are the best considering the quality of the geckos they breed!

Perfect Leopard gecko morphs!

I ordered a juvenile leopard gecko for sale for my son as a pet for Christmas.He/she arrived safe and sound! My son had been wanting one for some time and when we had no luck finding the morph he wanted I began looking online and found CBReptile. I messaged them to make sure the Lil guy would be safe to travel all the way to S. Louisiana. They responded quickly and even shipped him out the same day so I could have him before Christmas! Thank you guys and if we decide to add another baby gecko to our gecko family you will be first on my list to order from!