Awesome crested geckos!

My husband got me a baby crested gecko from you guys, it came fast, in great packaging, the little dude is so beautiful and healthy looking, super excited to grow with him!  I am really happy with the color morph as well as the service and shipping process.  Thank you for the amazing service, shipping and gorgeous critter!  I would recommend you to anyone looking for a reputable crested gecko breeder to buy a baby crested gecko

My new veiled Chameleon is awesome

I just received my male veiled chameleon today and he is perfect. He is now acclimating to his new cage and environment. I have decided to name him “Goliath”. I couldn’t be any happier with my new baby thanks to CB reptiles for their quality and excellent customer service. They really do earn their 5-star rating offering fantastic veiled chameleons for sale with awesome service. I will be a returning customer whenever I decide to purchase another reptile in the future and I will be sure to spread the word about their awesome reputation and superior customer service.

Extremely Happy with baby sulcata tortoise

Extremely happy with my new addition my baby sulcata tortoise…he’s full of energy and checking out his new home….can’t wait to order another baby sulcata tortoise for sale again

Very happy with baby blue iguana!

So my fiancé and I bought a baby blue iguana for sale from them and we just received him he is in perfect health very lively which was a huge relief given that it was a bit chilly here in North Dakota. We couldn’t be more happy with the service that we received and will most definitely be ordering from these guys again In the future! You guys rock!

Love my baby Flame Crested gecko!

Just got this sweet little flame crested gecko from CB. They’re customer service is amazing. I spoke to a lovely young woman named Courtney and she went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted. Highly recommend.  Thanks CB!  If you want to buy a crested gecko for sale, this is the spot!

Very Happy with my baby leopard gecko

I received a mack super snow leopard Gecko Juvenile from CB and he came in wonderful health the next day and is the cutest little guy, I also love that you can contact them anytime and get information regarding your new pet and they respond quickly and are more than willing to offer great customer service!  I looked all over the net to find a good leopard gecko breeder and though there were many leopard geckos for sale online, I could tell that they were selling the cheaper pet smart leopard gecko stuff and am sooooo glad I went with cbreptile!

Love our Banana Ball Python!

We just received a banana ball python. He is beautiful and healthy.  We would highly recommend for anyone considering buying a ball python for sale online.  They have a ton of really cool ball python morphs to choose from and customer service is GREAT!!!!

Very Happy with my Panther Chameleon!

Today, we received our juvenile Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He appears to be in excellent health and is exactly what we anticipated regarding color, size and length. Zero complaints! Great communication! Highly recommended!!

The best box turtles for sale!

CBreptile is AWESOME. no matter what questions I have they are always helpful to respond quickly. We purchased a well started box turtle for sale a couple of months ago, and he is doing great.  We went with a well started baby eastern box turtle and are happy we did!  We just bought him “turtle friend” for Christmas which arrived this morning and is now hiding safely so my children do not see until Christmas morning. I had a ton of questions the first purchase and CB was more then happy to help me!

Love my Panther Chameleon & Tegu!

I’ve received 2 amazing Reptiles from CB Reptile & I’m very happy with them both! My Baby Panther Chameleon, Wild Thing, is healthy & growing like a weed.. and my Black and White Argentine TEGU is the most majestic, beautiful lizard I have ever seen. I named him Little Foot and he is my best friend! He’s very healthy, happy, and docile. Very pleased with both of my babies!