baby russian tortoise for sale

Very happy with my baby Russian Tortoises!

I purchased a baby russian tortoise for sale a few months ago and just purchased a “friend” for her last week. I cannot say enough about this company and how helpful they are. I had changed my shipping date twice because of work and they were more then happy to help me adjust the date of arrival. If only more companies were like them! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! These guys have the best tortoises for sale and the best service anywhere!

blue iguana for sale

The best Blue iguanas!

CB Reptiles is amazing!!!! The customer service is very patient and only wants the best for their customers and reptiles for sale. On top of that the packaging of my baby blue iguana for sale came in yesterday and I’m still completely amazed by how wonderful the package was put together. 100 percent best compared to any other reptile place I have ordered from. They earned my respect fully. I would and will refer everyone to them. Way to go CB REPTILES!!!!

indian star tortoise for sale

The nicest Indian star tortoises around!

I ordered an Indian Star Tortoise for sale from this company and it was a perfect experience. She arrived on time and is going very well in her new home.  When considering buy any star tortoise for sale, I highly recommend going with TT!

eastern box turtle for sale

The best eastern box turtles!

I purchased a pair of eastern box turtles for sale from these guys last summer and they are doing great 6 months later. I had questions and they were happy to answer them. I would highly recommend these guys for anyone considering a where to buy baby box turtle for sale online!

crested gecko habitat

Definitely a repeat customer!

Definitely a repeat customer. I ordered my crested gecko for sale Dec 21st. Of course I wasn’t expecting it for Christmas but I wasn’t expecting the amazing customer service either. CBReptiles cares about their reptiles and that’s amazing. Someone called me every few days to update me on the shipping process. They took every precaution from holiday traffic to winter weather to assure I got a live energetic baby gecko in this weather at this time of year and it worked. It arrived today, safe and sound. The heat pack was still warm.

tangelo leopard gecko

The best leopard gecko breeder!

I received my two baby tangerine leopard geckos in the mail. I was very nervous as not a lot of people were shipping. However, the way my babies were packed and shipped was excellent. They arrived safe and sound. They don’t even appear to be too stressed. And can I just say that they are the cutest Leo’s ever and their color is outstanding.  More vivid then I had even expected or could have hoped for.   I will definitely be purchasing more reptiles for sale from them. 5 stars isn’t enough.

baby russian tortoise for sale

Very Happy with my tortoises!

I purchased a pair of russian tortoises for sale a few months ago and they arrived safe and sound in a heated box and were very active right out of the box. all the questions I had about care were answered quickly and thoroughly. I could not have had a better transaction! I would buy a tortoise online from CB reptile again in a flash!

Ambilobe panther chameleon for sale

My Panther Chameleon is a cricket slayer!

Nothing but utmost professionalism from CBreptile. I purchased a absolutely STUNNING young adult male ambilobe panther chameleon for sale. He is a cricket slayer and will scoop your girl.  These guys are the best when it comes to captive bred panther chameleons for sale, no doubt about it.

crested geckos for sale


Ordered a tiger pinstripe hatchling crested gecko for sale.. she got here on time and in great condition very nice looking gecko  thank you cbreptile.  I would highly recommend cb reptile to anyone considering buying a crested gecko for sale online withou hesitation!

tiger pinstripe crested gecko

The best crested geckos for sale!

We were very excited to do our first reptile unboxing! It’s an Orange Tiger Flame Crested gecko from CbReptile and we were extremely happy with this little guy. Packaging was fantastic and the price for this high quality gecko was better than anywhere I looked for a similar quality by far. Shop here if you want the best crested geckos for sale!