baby russian tortoise for sale

Very happy with my baby Russian Tortoises!

I purchased a baby russian tortoise for sale a few months ago and just purchased a “friend” for her last week. I cannot say enough about this company and how helpful they are. I had changed my shipping date twice because of work and they were more then happy to help me adjust the date of arrival. If only more companies were like them! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! These guys have the best tortoises for sale and the best service anywhere!

indian star tortoise for sale

The nicest Indian star tortoises around!

I ordered an Indian Star Tortoise for sale from this company and it was a perfect experience. She arrived on time and is going very well in her new home.  When considering buy any star tortoise for sale, I highly recommend going with TT!

eastern box turtle for sale

The best eastern box turtles!

I purchased a pair of eastern box turtles for sale from these guys last summer and they are doing great 6 months later. I had questions and they were happy to answer them. I would highly recommend these guys for anyone considering a where to buy baby box turtle for sale online!

Eastern box turtle

The best box turtles for sale!

CBreptile is AWESOME. no matter what questions I have they are always helpful to respond quickly. We purchased a well started box turtle for sale a couple of months ago, and he is doing great.  We went with a well started baby eastern box turtle and are happy we did!  We just bought him “turtle friend” for Christmas which arrived this morning and is now hiding safely so my children do not see until Christmas morning. I had a ton of questions the first purchase and CB was more then happy to help me!