Albino leopard geckos for Sale

An Albino leopard geckosfor sale comes in a wide variety of leopard gecko morphs.  Also known as leopard gecko color morphs, leopard gecko colors are now in the hundreds.  When looking for an albino leopard gecko, consider the Tangelo leopard gecko, the aptor leopard gecko, or the red-eyed version of the Diablo Blanco leopard gecko.

Albino Leopard Gecko morphs

There are 3-4 known strains of albino Leopard Geckos for sale genetics that are incompatible with each other.  Albinos, generally recognized by their lack of black pigment and are lighter in color with ligher eyes.  Having red eyes is not a requirement in Leopard Geckos to be considered an albino.  All three strains of albino leopard geckos are simple recessive traits.

Tremper Albinos

First developed by Ron Tremper, Tremper albinos are quite popular.  Trempers are usually characterized by their light-colored eyes and have brown markings.  They were the first strain of albino Leopard Gecko discovered, and are also the most common of the albinos.  Some variations of Tremper Albinos have pink eyes, but they may fade to a light silver color with maturity.  

Bell Albino leopard geckos 

Bells are well-known for their light pink-colored eyes visible from hatched until fully grown.  Some Bells tend to have smaller brownish spots, and some also have larger patches of lavender coloring.  Bell Albino leopards are the “newest” strain of albino discovered in Leopard Gecko genetics or morphs.

Blazing Blizzard geckos 

exhibit both an Albino genetic traits as well as the Blizzard genetic traits and are therefore a double recessive mutation. Basically, they look like Blizzards except they lack any shades of grey.  Blazing Blizzard leopard gecko are usually solid white leopard geckos, but like the Blizzards, they can have varying degrees of yellow coloration.  Tremper Blazings and Rainwater Blazing blizzards are available for sale.

Rainwater Albino leopard geckos 

are also known as “Las Vegas line or las vegas genetics” Albino.   Rainwater albino tends to be the smallest of the albino leopards, and also have the darkest eyes.  Interestingly, many Rainwater albinos are lighter in color than the other albinos.  As of late, breeders are adding more color to the rainwater albino gene lines and they are getting brighter as a result.

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albino leopard geckos for sale

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