• African Pancake tortoise for sale

Pancake tortoise for sale

Pancake tortoises are awesome reptiles! Flat like a pancake, these are actually “fast” little tortoises!  Full of beautiful markings, like a work of art, pancakes are also full of personality! An African Pancake tortoise for sale is one of the rarest of all species of baby tortoise for sale anywhere.

Pancake tortoise General Care Sheet

Learn more about caring for a baby pancake tortoise and how to setup their habitat, proper diet and more!

Pancake tortoise Lifespan

Pancake tortoises are thought to live anywhere from 35-80 years.  There are groups well over 40 years old currently in captive breeding programs within the United States.

Pancake tortoise habitat

Pancake tortoises can be housed indoors or outdoors. An indoor enclosure can be a 40-gallon terrarium or larger. Substrates of bark, coconut bedding or rabbit pellets are OK. Potting soil can also be used, but make sure it doesn’t contain fertilizer, pesticides or manure. Include a shallow water bowl large enough for the tortoise to soak.

Also provide hiding and climbing areas. I recommend the realistic artificial-rock hides on the market today. Give the tortoise two hiding spots: one on the cool side of the tank and one on the warm side. Flat rocks can also be stacked carefully in a corner of the enclosure to provide crevices for them to explore.

Housing pancake tortoises outdoors is fine as long as you follow some enclosure-design precautions. Enclosure size needs to be at least 4 square feet for up to two tortoises. Add 2 square feet for every additional tortoise. Walls should be at least 1 foot tall, but taller is better for full-grown adults. The goal is to make sure they can’t reach the top when standing against the wall on their hind legs. I also recommend a screen top that covers the entire enclosure, because pancake tortoises are master climbers that can scale vertical walls when the mood hits them. A top ensures that your tortoise can’t leave. Set up cage furniture like you would for an indoor enclosure, but keep all rocks and other scalable items away from the enclosure walls.

Pancake tortoises can be housed outdoors in the spring, summer and fall in areas of the country where temperatures are suitable. However, because pancake tortoises don’t hibernate, they have to be housed indoors during the winter.

Unlike many tortoises, pancake tortoises run when they get scared. They seek narrow cracks in the rocks and hold tight with their front legs, so they can’t be pulled out. Good climbers, they live in caves, under rocks and in tight cracks on rocky ledges.

Pancake tortoise UVB Lighting

Provide your baby Pancake tortoise for adult pancake tortoise 10-12 hours per day of proper UVB light exposure.  We highly recommend the t5 HO tube style uvb lamps that span the length of your habitat or enclosure.  Proper UVB for your tortoise is vital for proper growth and overall health.

Pancake tortoise food

Here at CB, we feed all of our tortoises for sale a wide variety of high quality veggies and greens.  Feed your pancake tortoise soaked and softened mazuri tortoise chow mixed in with it’s food twice a week.  Our main staple ingredients include collard, mustard greens, romaine, squash, endive, spring mix, zucchini, cucumber, shredded carrots and more.

Pancake tortoise heating

For heating, a ceramic heat emitter of the appropriate wattage can provide a hotspot of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler side of the enclosure can range from 70 to 75 degrees. This temperature gradient allows the tortoise to choose its preferred body temperature. Keep the heat emitter on 24 hours a day.

Pancake tortoise water

Always provide your baby pancake tortoise access to shallow, clean water.  Don’t forget the shallow part!

Pancake tortoise humidity

Pancake babies enjoy humidity in the range of 60-75% where as adults are good kept at 45-55%.  Proper humidity is key when looking to raise a healthy tortoise with a smooth shell.

Pancake tortoise Availability

We have some beautiful African pancake tortoises for sale.  Our African pancake tortoise for sale are captive bred tortoise for sale and are not wild caught.  All of our reptiles for sale online are 100% captive bred and comes with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.