Russian Tortoise for sale

Here at CB, we’ve got some beautiful captive bred baby Russian tortoises for sale. A baby Russian tortoise for sale is probably the most common small tortoise for sale in the world.  Remember, Russian tortoises for sale online are usually WILD CAUGHT adults and NOT Recommended for purchase.  Please rest assured that CB Reptile sells 100% CAPTIVE BRED baby Russian tortoises for sale online.  The Russian tortoises sold at pet stores are almost ALWAYS wild caught, and are normally over 20-30 years of age and do not make good additions to your reptile family.

Captive bred baby Russian tortoise for sale

Before selecting which size baby Russian tortoise to purchase, please explore our full Russian tortoise care section.  Below we have a quick “Russian tortoise care cheat sheet” for your convenience.  Caring for a baby Russian is quite simple, so long as you pay attention to all the important Russian tortoise habitat parameters.

Russian tortoise colors

It is a very round tortoise when viewed from above, certainly compared to most tortoise species, generally with a flattened top to the shell rather than being high-domed. Its color is usually a mixture of tans and browns, occasionally with a green cast. The plastron is mostly black, and the skin color, including the entire head, is usually tan, dark gray or brown.

Russian Tortoise for sale – Russian tortoise size

Adult male Russian tortoises usually attain 5 to 6 inches in length, with females reaching 6 to 9 inches. Within our breeding colonies, most males are right around 5½ inches and most females range from 6 to 7 inches. Our largest Russian tortoise is a female about 8 inches long. It’s not unheard of for them to reach 9-10 inches, but this is not common at all.  Like all tortoises for sale at CB Reptile, our Russian tortoise for sale are all 100% captive bred baby tortoises for sale and come with our live arrival and FULL 7-day health guarantee.  With a biologist on-site, our Russian tortoises for sale as well as all of our reptiles for sale online are the best available in the USA!

baby Russian tortoise for sale – Diet

Baby Russian tortoises, as well as full grown adult Russians, basically eat the same things.  A high-quality tortoise diet, that includes a good sized variation of healthy greens and some veggies is recommended.  Most importantly, do not feed the same thing daily.  Above all focus on quality and variation.  Here at CB, we feed a mixture of Romaine, Endive, various lettuces, Collard, Mustard, and beet greens.  Also, we include shredded carrots, squash, an occasional tomato, and a few other healthy veggies.  As a supplement for vitamin D and to make up for indoor tortoise setups that do not have the best UVB when compared to outdoors, feeding Mazuri tortoise food twice a week is best.

Russian tortoise supplements

Most important besides the food is the supplements you are adding to your Russians diet.  We use a mixture of reptile multivitamin mixed 50:50 with Reptocal with Vitamin D3.  We dust every other meal for our baby and Adult Russian tortoises.

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