Exact Panther Chameleons for sale

This section of our website allows you to see the exact panther chameleon you will be purchasing.  Our exact panther chameleons are available from time to time, however you can always shop by locale as well.  Exact panther chameleons will be 10-15% more expensive than shopping by local, to cover the labor costs involved with listing them individually for sale.

Keeping a pet panther chameleon for sale can be a challenging and rewarding hobby.  You see, if you do your homework, proper research and understand how to properly create a panther chameleon habitat, they are as easy as pie to keep!  We recommend just a few important parts to your panther chameleon habitat setup.  Using our advice and setting up your panther chameleon habitat correctly will enable you to enjoy your new pet chameleon, stress-free.  Be sure to hop on over to our panther chameleon care guide and learn all the ins and outs of keeping panther chameleons as pets.  Also if looking for a veiled chameleon for sale, also check out our general chameleon care guide.

Shipping your new baby panther chameleons for sale

We offer same day overnight shipping via UPS or FedEx with a full live arrival and 7-day health guarantee on all of our panther chameleons for sale online.   With a Biologist ON-SITE we guarantee you the most stunning captive bred panther chameleons anywhere and offer as much free care information and guidance as you need to give your new pet baby panther chameleon the best life possible.  We also offer a full selection of panther chameleon habitats for sale, including Reptibreeze chameleon cages and Reptibreeze Deluxe Chameleon cages and deluxe chameleon habitat setups.

Take advantage of some of our “build your own chameleon habitat” options and select your choices when checking out.  Our system allows you to purchase everything from the best chameleon misting systems to cages, trees, vines and more.  Above all, CB has the best prices online to help you provide the most important panther chameleon habitat requirements.

Male vs female panther chameleons

Choosing your new pet panther chameleon always starts with the choice of male or female.  Do you want a new baby panther chameleon that will get 12-14″ and live 6-10 years?  Are you looking for a smaller 7-9″ panther chameleon that is cheaper and will live 3-6 years?  By rule of thumb, male panther chameleons will be larger, more colorful, and sometimes even more handleable than their female counterparts.  Female panther chameleons often are a beautiful shade of pink and blue no matter their locale.  Female panthers do not live as long and do not get as large or as colorful.

CB Reptile works with the best in panther chameleon genetics

When choosing which panther chameleon breeders to work with, consider their bloodlines.  Because we only work with the best of the best, all of our pet chameleons offered here at CB will be vibrant, colorful, and calm tempered.

We work with captive bred sires & dams originating from top bloodlines from Kammerflage, Tree Candy, Canvas and other  fellow panther chameleon breeders with all species of Panther Chameleons including Ambilobe panther chameleons for sale, ambanja panther chameleon for sale, blue ambanja panther chameleons, Nosy Be Panther Chameleons, Sambava Panther Chameleons, Nosy Faly Panther Chameleon and more.  We are proud to say we ONLY sell captive bred baby panther chameleons for sale online including baby ambilobe panther chameleon for sale, baby Nosy Be Panther chameleon, Nosy Faly panther chams for sale, Sambava panther chams and more.

Panther Chameleon habitat

For panther chameleon caging, here at CB we believe bigger is better.  Because of this, we recommend using a 48″ reptibreeze cage for males, or a 30″ reptibreeze cage for females.   Also, synthetic trees are our preference.  Because they do not require additional care, fake plants and fake trees work perfectly and require no attention.  Be sure to also purchase plenty of vines for your new pet chameleon to climb.  Secondly, consider the correct UVB Lamps.  CB only uses t5 HO 10 or 12% lamps made by Arcadia or Zoomed Reptisun.  Lastly, heating, we recommend a CHE (Ceramic Heat Emitter) over a heat lamp.

Here at CBReptile.scom, we only work with top genetic lines from the best panther chameleons breed stock around.  Because our Sires and Dams are Spectacular specimens of their native locales, working with lines from which were originally wild caught, producing amazing captive-bred offspring.  We guarantee when you purchase a baby panther chameleon here at CB will be top quality.  Because all chameleons purchased from CB have been handled often when young in order to make great pet chameleons!