Gargoyle Gecko Diet

Before purchasing your new gargoyle gecko for sale and finding the best gargoyle gecko breeder (us!) you should also spend some time learning about proper gargoyle gecko care including gargoyle gecko diet.  We feed pangea gargoyle gecko food daily ( Pangea gecko fruit mix with insects to be exact) as well as crickets dusted with Reptocal with vitamin D once we week.  Below is a more in depth look at some various gargoyle gecko diet options.

Always dust your gargoyle gecko food with vitamins!

A variety of vitamin dusted insects can be fed as an alternative to pre-made powdered gecko diet, but the best part about gargoyle geckos is how easy they are to care for, and having a pre made “just add water” diet option is a primary reason for some reptile enthusiasts for choosing a gargoyle gecko baby as their new pet gecko of choice!

While gargoyle geckos eat crickets with incredible enthusiasm, a diet consisting of only crickets is not a healthy choice. While properly gut-loaded and dusted crickets can be a healthy meal, crickets on their own simply do not have all the nutrients a gargoyle gecko needs.  We recommend a varied diet of pangea gargoyle gecko food, or repashy gargoyle gecko food, mixed wit water to baby food consistency, fed every other day and a weekly offering of some gut loaded and calcium/vitamin dusted insects.

As gargoyle gecko breeders we offer a full gargoyle gecko care guide.  Please check out all of the gargoyle gecko care pages provided by our biologist below:

gargoyle gecko dietgargoyle geckos for sale

gargoyle gecko diet

Gargoyle gecko food

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gargoyle geckos for sale