Veiled Chameleon for sale

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The veiled chameleon is a species of chameleon native to the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Other common names include cone-head chameleon and Yemen chameleon.

Veiled Chameleons are a large, colorful species of chameleon, which are very easy to recognize by the large casque or helmet seen on the male veiled chameleon on the top of the head. With male veileds reaching up to 2 feet including tail length, and females reaching a total length of approximately 18 inches, veileds are some of the larger chameleon species seen in captivity and some of the most outstandingly colorful chameleons.  Adult veiled chameleons for sale exhibit coloration that includes a variety of shades of green, orange, yellow, blue, black and even brown with a combination of strips and spotted patterns.

Veiled Chameleons can be sexed from the day they hatch. Veiled Chameleon males are born with a small nub on their back foot called a tarsal spur that females lack. Veiled Chameleon males of this species tend to exhibit more colors as well as a larger casque then female veiled chameleons and on average live 6-8 years. Females of this species typically show less vibrant colors and live on average 4-6 years because even when not bred, they will produce infertile clutches of eggs, which take a lot of energy.

The Veiled chameleon for sale is one of the cheaper priced chameleons due to their large numbers resulting from decades of captive breeding.

veiled chameleons for sale

baby veiled chameleon for sale

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