Painted Turtles for sale

The painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) is the most widespread native turtle of North America. It lives in slow-moving fresh waters, from southern Canada to Louisiana and northern Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The turtle is the only species of the genus Chrysemys, which is part of the pond turtle family Emydidae.

 Painted turtles are brightly marked. They have a smooth shell. The painted turtle has a relatively flat upper shell with red and yellow markings on a black or greenish brown background.  We have some super cute baby painted turtles for sale including eastern painted turtles for sale, baby eastern painted turtle for sale, western painted turtles for sale, western painted turtle for sale online, as well as southern painted turtles for sale.  Shop baby painted turtles for sale online here all with a live arrival and full health guarantee like all of our aquatic turtles for sale, and box turtles for sale.