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Looking for a captive bred baby chameleon for sale?  We’ve got the nicest baby, juvenile, or adult pet chameleons for sale online!  Both Panthers and Veiled can make great additions to your reptile collection with the Panther Chameleon for sale being easily our favorite choice for both color, care, and most importantly personality.  If you are looking for a pet chameleon that you can handle/hold we 100% recommend the Panther Cham over most other pet reptiles altogether.

We have a fantastic selection of captive bred Panther Chameleon as well as veiled chams.  As a Panther chameleon breeder as well as veiled chameleon breeders we specialize in vivid color morphs of both of these wonderful species of pet chameleon for sale.

chameleon for sale

CB Reptile offers a huge selection of hand-raised, captive bred chameleon for sale.  Shop all the colors and subspecies of panther, veiled, Jacksons and other species of Chameleon.  If you are looking for a baby panther chameleon for sale, explore our wide selection of pet chameleons for sale online including the most colorful of all, the ambilobe panther chameleon.

chameleon for sale

Like the color blue? Check out the ambanja panther chameleon, or for a lighter blue the nosy be panther chameleons.  Want something more rare and tough to find? Maybe the nosy faly, nosy mitsio panther chameleon or the baby sambava are for you.  Finally, we sometimes offer the tamatave chameleon and other locales of baby panther chameleons.

panther chameleon for sale

Unlike other pet chameleon breeders, CB Reptile has a real biologist on site.  Our biologist specializes in all locales of panther chameleon. Besides different locales, we also offer 3 age/size groupings.  These include baby panther chameleons, juvenile, and adult panther chameleons for sale.  We offer both male panther chameleons as well as female panther chameleon for sale in nearly all panther chameleon morphs also known as panther chameleon locales.

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  We specialize in chameleons for sale, including panther chameleonbaby panther chameleon, ambilobe panther chameleon, as well as other locales.

Offering a variety of captive bred reptiles for sale online, we also are breeders baby nosy be panther chameleons..  Also, from time to time, we offer the adult Nosy Be panther chameleon.  Also, check out our baby Nosy Faly panther chameleons.

pet chameleon for sale

chameleons for sale

Chameleon for sale

If you do your homework, and spend the time, and money necessary for the right chameleon habitat, Chams can be a great pet reptile!  Sure, they are just gorgeous to look at, but they really can be great pets if handled and cared for properly.  Panthers will be a bit easier to hold and work with, however friendly veiled chameleons do exist.  Our biologist always recommends adult or juvenile panther chameleons for sale for those looking for a true pet chameleon over veiled and other species.  Using a misting system for example, makes owning a pet chameleon a breeze!

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Feeling blue? If you are searching for a blue cham, also consider our Blue Ambanja panther chameleon.  Did you know that our baby blue ambanja panther chameleon online are super blue?  The vivid colors are absolutely stunning.  We offer Ambanja panther chameleon as well as Sambava panther chameleon.

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Chameleon for sale have a reputation for being difficult to care for.  Chameleons’ reputation was largely “earned” due to the poor condition of many wild imports. Besides this, all too often, insufficient care practices. A wild caught chameleon baby (rather than captive bred chameleon baby) often has a variety of health issues, including internal parasites, wounds, infections, dehydration, and a depressed immune system.

A wild-caught chameleon’s age cannot be determined with certainty, and because of this, even an otherwise healthy individual may have a limited lifespan simply due to age.

Chameleons for sale

Panther Chameleon color morphs, better known as panther chameleon locales addresses the many varieties of panther chameleon for sale.  Color is a prominent feature of the panther, and there is an abundance of beautiful and unique colors being produced.

Some will be surprised to learn that despite viral videos and TV paint commercials, the panther chameleon does not change color to instantly match any background it is placed against. Panthers do exhibit color change, though, for a variety of reasons, including a method of communication, to better absorb or reflect radiant heat, and to blend in with natural habitat.

baby panther chameleons

Baby Panther chameleons for sale are starting to become more and more popular.  We actually recommend purchasing a juvenile or young adult panther chameleon, as they are much easier to care for, but if you are interested in a baby panther chameleon hatchling for sale we do have them available.

Challenges with keeping a panther chameleon baby healthy and growing correctly are associated with locating smaller insects, like 1/8th crickets, or flightless fruit flies.  Baby panther chameleons also need to be showered up to 15 times a day for 1-3 minute intervals, making hydration a larger concern when carrying for a panther chameleon baby or hatchling, regardless of the locale.  Some locales of panthers do grow faster and slower than others, with the Ambilobe Panther Chameleon growing the largest, and the fastest.

male baby panther chameleon

Panther chameleons for sale are sexually dimorphic; males are larger (15 to 20 inches total length) with a wider range of colors than females. Depending on mood or visual stimulation, males may display colors that indicate a relaxed or excited state. When a male is excited and “fired-up,” he is likely sending a visual message to a rival male that he is willing to defend his turf, and to a female that he is ready for courtship.

Full-sized panther chameleon females for sale are 8 to 10 inches. Mature female panther chameleon for sale display softer color hues, including peach, rose or violet, when receptive to breeding. A female that is gravid or unreceptive to the amorous intentions of a male will flash highly contrasting colors, such as black in combination with red, orange or pink.

Chameleon Habitat

All screen is the way to go, for at least mostly all screen (some cages have glass front doors for better viewing).  When choosing the size and type of cage for your new pet chameleon for sale, consider the age and size.  For example, for a baby pet chameleon is all-screen cages or cages with at least two screened sides (front/top, side/top) with otherwise solid walls. The advantages are increased water evaporation, lighter weight and the ability to achieve a warm basking spot without overheating the entire environment.

Chameleon Cages

If you heat or cool your home the air can become quite dry, and chameleon cages featuring solid side and back walls can help maintain humidity within the cage while preventing misted water from getting on your walls and furniture.  Check out our Chameleon habitat options.

baby chameleon heating & UV lighting

Here at CB Reptile, our main chameleon rooms maintain an ambient daytime temperature of 75-77  degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, we provide them with a basking spot of 89 to 95 degrees per panther chameleon enclosure.  Night time chameleon temperatures are 72 to 76 degrees.

Mounting the basking lamp, or basking heat element on top of or suspended over one corner of the cage.  Position the branch or vine directly below it, at a distance to achieve the proper basking temperature.  It is important for them to be able to get warm when necessary as well as get proper exposure to UVB.

Using a UVB above 10% is not recommended as it is normally mounted on top of the cage and therefore very close to where the Chams sit on their warmer branches.  For this reason they can go blind or risk burns if the UVB % is too high.  Keep it at 10% unless you are suspending your light 14-16″ away from the highest branch, where as 12% can work.

Chameleons for sale

As baby chameleon for sale grow, the same perch that was once a safe distance from the heat source may become too close, so adjust as required to prevent burns from the heat lamp.  Monitor all of your temperatures with a thermometer, and watch for seasonal fluctuations. If your home gets cooler than 65 degrees at night, use a ceramic heat emitter to raise the nighttime temperature keeping it 72 degrees at the lowest point of the day or night.

pet chameleons for sale

At CB Reptile, we also work with the more common and less colorful veiled chameleon. Various species of veiled chameleons are available including the piebald veiled chameleon.

In addition to panther chameleons, we also offer adult or juvenile Veiled chameleon for sale.  If you are looking for a chameleon hatchling, consider the baby veiled chameleon.  Looking for Jackson’s chameleon for sale? we have those as well

chameleons for sale

If you are searching for the perfect new pet chameleon from the best chameleon breeder, you have come to the right place! All of our pet chameleons are 100% captive bred!  CB Reptile offers all types of pet Chams for sale including the common veiled chameleon for sale as well as rarer species like rare Panther Chameleon locales.  If you are searching for the right chameleon breeder to find the most beautiful pet panther chameleon, you have come to the right place.

 pet chameleon baby

CB Reptile’s panther chameleons for sale include the option of buying a baby panther chameleon, a juvenile panther chameleon or adult panther chameleon for sale.  We also have male panther chameleon as well as female panther chameleon from all panther chameleon locales including the most popular Ambilobe, Ambanja panther chameleon, Nosy Be and Nosy Faly.

Our baby chameleon for sale are all 100% captive bred and come with our full health guarantee.  Other species include the veiled as well as the Jackson’s chameleon. Lastly, if you’re considering other reptiles for sale, be sure to check out our sister website.  Tortoise town also offers panther chameleon for sale.