Hingeback tortoise for sale

Hingeback tortoises are popular tortoises for sale as they have the ability to “close their shell” by using the “hinge” that exists on their plastron and allows them to do so, similar to a box turtle being able to close off the world and hide in his shell when frightened.

Hingeback tortoise for sale information: Home’s hinge-back tortoise belongs to a unique group of tortoises that can close themselves entirely within their shells. As the name suggests, this group possess a hinge at the back of the carapace (or shell), that can close off the tortoise’s vulnerable parts, providing excellent protection from potential predators. The carapace of Home’s hinge-back tortoise varies in color from dark brown to tan, and is distinguished by the pronounced vertical drop at the end. The shape of the carapace also cleverly channels rainwater towards its head for drinking.

We offer some fantastic captive bred baby hingeback tortoises for sale, and juvenile hingeback tortoise for sale as well.  All of of our hingeback tortoise for sale including baby hingeback tortoises for sale come with our full live arrival and 7 day health guarantee!  With a biologist on site, shop with confidence that your new reptile for sale will arrive quickly and safely with plenty of customer service if you need any assistance when caring for your new tortoise friend!