Hermann’s tortoise temperature

Temperatures should be in the range of 80-90 for most of the time.  For baby Herman tortoise we recommend an ambient temperature of 87 degrees during the day and 80 degrees in evenings.  If the ambient temp remains reliable, hot spots are not as important.  Most traditional setups will provide a basking light of 95 degrees with a cooler end of habitat around 80.  Do not allow your habitat to go below 79 degrees, even in the evenings.  Lower temps coupled with high humidity can lead to respiratory illness in baby tortoises for sale.  All species of tortoise for sale should be raised at high humidity when small.

Hermanns tortoise care sheet

Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale are some of the most popular species of tortoise for sale in the USA.  Hermanns tortoises for sale are made up of 2 major subspecies.  The Eastern Hermann’s tortoise is the cheaper priced Hermann’s tortoise.  Eastern’s are cheaper due to their larger size, larger clutch size, as well as being much more common among tortoise breeders.  Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale.

Explore our extensive Hermann’s tortoise care section provided by our biologist that covers the following care related topics:

Hermann’s tortoise habitat

Hermann’s tortoise habitat can be small and compact when compared to the size of other tortoise habitats.  An aquarium that is at least 55 gallons, OR a tortoise table that is at least 2×2′ will suffice for up to 4 years.

Habitats can be made from many things.  In the end, you basically need to acheive the parameters of heat, light, humidity, etc. necessary for success.  Think about usiing an aquarium for example.  Aquariums are fine, so long as they are large, and large enough to offer a temperature gradient.  Also, aquariums should be painted or taped off so the tortoise cannot see out.  Sometimes people will leave the front panel viewable, however it depends on the tortoise.  Some tortoises do get stressed out from being able to see thru the glass walls without escaping.

Hermann’s tortoise aquarium habitats

Benefits of using an aquarium, if large enough to offer a temperature gradient include keeping average humidity and ambient temperatures high enough.  Younger tortoises including babies thru juveniles really do need a higher humidity in the range of 70%.  With higher humidity, correct temperatures become even more important so your tortoise doesn’t dehydrate.  Reptile foggers for sale are also very useful at creating and maintaining humidity within the hermann’s tortoise habitat.

Tortoise houses, or tortoise house kits also work, however they do offer some additional benefits as well as challenges.  While they normally have an open top, this helps with giving a temperature gradient.  At the same time, open top habitats decrease the humidity quickly.  This is especially true when kept indoors where we use heat or air which dries out the air signifcantly.

Reptile foggers should be added to most Hermann’s tortoise habitats

For this reason a fogger is absolutely necessary to be filled and run at least once a day.  Some times you can pipe or plumb the fogger hose into a humid cave or hide area.  As you can see there are many options, and all of them work well if done correctly.  Recognizing that the important parameters must be met is key to successfully keeping and species of pet tortoise for sale.

Hermanns tortoise for sale Size

A Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale will only reach sizes of 4-6″ whereas the Eastern cousin is larger.  Eastern Hermann’s tortoises reach sizes of 6-10″ with most falling in the 8″ range.  Male Hermann’s tortoises are smaller than females.

Hermann’s tortoise Lifespan

Did you know that a baby Hermanns tortoise for sale can live up to 100 years!  With proper care, feeding, and habitat, your new baby Eastern Hermann tortoise can live a long time!

Hermann’s tortoise UVB Lighting

Using the proper UVB lighting for your new baby Hermann’s tortoise for sale.  When purchasing UVB lighting for your tortoise we highly recommend t5 high output UVB lamp.   A 10% UVB lamp should be mounted 12-16″ from the substrate.  Change your UVB Lamp early and often.  We recommend every 4-6 months on a 10% lamp.

Eastern Hermanns tortoise for sale – diet

Feeding your Hermann’s tortoise a wide variety of healthy greens, and Mazuri tortoise food.  Here at CB Reptile, we feed a wide variety of healthy greens including Romaine, Kale, Dandyline, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Tomato, Collard, Mustard Greens, Spring Mix.

Baby Hermanns tortoise for sale – Nutrition

When providing the baby Hermann’s tortoise proper nutrition make sure you use a general reptile vitamin and calcium with d3.  Tortoise Town recommends dusting your food twice a week lightly with a 50/50 blend of reptile multi-vitamin and calcium.  Using calcium with a D3 additive is recommended especially for those that are always housed indoors with artificial lighting.

Eastern Hermanns tortoise for sale – water

Always provide your baby Hermann’s tortoise for sale with plenty of fresh water.  Most importantly, never forget to soak your tortoise.  For the first 18 months of life, we recommend soaking your tortoise in very shallow warm water for 10 minutes a day.

Baby Hermann tortoise for sale – humidity

Humidity can vary more so with adults than Hermanns tortoise hatchlings for sale.  We keep our hatchlings at 75-85% humidity at all times.  By keeping your tortoise in high humidity, low airflow environment, they will grow much faster.  In addition, your tortoise will be much healthier and gain weight much quicker with proper humidity and hydration.

Hermann’s tortoise care – Substrate

Many types of substrate may be used.  Here at CB, we raise our baby Hermanns tortoise on paper towels.  Paper towels are nice and easy for us to keep clean as we raise our hatchlings.  Other substrates which look much more appealing to the eye and habitat setup include Forest Floor, Potting Mix, Organic Potting Soil and Coco coir.

Hermann’s tortoises are small tortoises

When considering any small to a medium-sized tortoise, the Eastern Hermanns tortoise for sale should be at the top of your list! Baby Hermann’s tortoises for sale are reasonably priced, stay small and are friendly and outgoing.  Unlike some other species of small tortoise, the Hermann’s is literally not scared of anything.

Baby Hermann’s tortoises can quickly be trained to eat from the owners’ hand within a few days of arriving home.  Eastern Hermann’s tortoises can grow from 6-10″ at full maturity.  Western on the other hand, are much smaller species.  A Western Hermann’s tortoise will only grow to 4-6″ of total size once mature.  Like most species of testudo tortoise, males are smaller than females.

The larger and smaller Hermanns tortoises for sale

Of the 2 species of Hermanns tortoise for sale, (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) is the larger, common race.  Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale are beautiful and friendly small tortoises.  Their western counterparts have even brighter colors as well as deeper contrasting markings. Rather attractively colored specimens are not unheard of. In fact, we maintain some striking eastern tortoises ourselves.

The ground color of the carapace is typically a horn color or can be brown, yellowish, or ochre. Less intense black or dark brown bars and blotches border it. The 5th vertebral scute usually lacks the keyhole symbol but a less defined “version” of it can found in some specimens especially captive-bred juveniles.

Eastern Hermann’s tortoise vs Western Hermann’s tortoise for sale

The head is bulkier with the eyes situated higher up and the yellow spot or fleck under each eye is usually absent except in neonates. Skin color is usually dark and may be tan, brown or grey. Plastron’s of  Hermann’s tortoises for sale exhibits discontinuous black markings which appear faded.  Also, the black pattern is broken up and nowhere not as defined or prominent as in their western cousins.

However, an almost entirely black plastron is sometimes found in Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale deriving from southern Greece. Interestingly, the suture between the pectoral scutes is usually longer than that of the femoral or they may be an even length in various cases. Female Eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale typically reach seven to eight inches but extremely large, ten-inch plus females have been encountered in parts of the world such as Bulgaria and also in captive collections. Males usually do not surpass seven inches but larger animals are not unheard of. These tortoises have a flatter, broader look and are more elongated than round.

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Hermann’s Tortoise Breeders who care

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