baby Axolotl for sale

Looking for a beautiful captive bred baby axolotl for sale?  You’ve come to the right place! Our baby axolotl for sale online are some of the nicest and 100% captive bred specimens in the world! With a real biologist on-site, our amazing stock of beautiful captive bred axolotl and baby axolotl for sale is amazing!

Before purchasing your very own axolotl for sale, be sure to read Cb Reptile’s Axolotl care sheet to learn how to care for an axolotl!

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With overnight shipping, our baby axolotl for sale near me will be to your door the next morning! We ship ALL of our baby axolotl via Fedex or UPS overnight for next morning arrival.  Selling only captive bred specimens insures you will have a healthy, live arrival guaranteed ax sent right to your doorstep.  Be aware all live delivers will require a signature upon arrival as part of our health and live arrival guarantee.

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