Yellow Footed tortoise for sale

Searching for where to buy the best baby yellow foot tortoise for sale online?  CB Reptile has some of the nicest captive bred baby yellow footed tortoise for sale anywhere!  Like all of our baby tortoise for sale, yellow footed tortoises come with our full health guarantee.  Keeping a yellow footed tortoise is easy and should be considered the exact same as keeping a red footed tortoise for sale, OR Cherry head tortoise.

Yellow foot tortoise lifespan

The yellow footed tortoise can live anywhere from 50-100 years.  In captivity, it is believed they could exceed 100.  In the wild, yellow foots are forest dwellers and can fall victim to many predators as well as habitat degredation and deforestation.   Bottom line? Your baby Yellow footed tortoise for sale will live a long, healthy life when cared for properly.

Yellow footed tortoie for sale – Size

Like red foots, the Amazon basin yellow foot tortoise for sale will end up being anywhere from 12-17″.  Most grow to about 13-14″ with males and females being nearly the same sizd.  Male yellow foots will have a concave plastron, where as females will be flat to old eggs when gravid.  For these reasons, consider a larger habitat for your baby yellow foot once he or she is about 3 years of age.

Yellow footed tortoise Diet

Like other forest species of tortosie, like the red foot tortoise for sale, or even the Burmese mountain tortoise, yellow foots have a very diverse diet.  Diversification in diet is based on what is available more than choices it seems for these forest species.  In captivity they are fed a diet that consists of 50% greens, 25% fruit and 25% protein.

You will find internet information with yellow footed tortoise breeders feeding them things that seem odd, like pinky mice, and eggs.  Here at CB our greens consist of collard, mustard, romaine, lettuces, endive, and more.  For fruit we provide papaya, strawberry, apple and some others.  Protein is fed in the form of Mazuri tortoise chow, which our tortoises love.  Using Mazuri also helps supplement lack of natural sunlight, since it is fortified with vitamin D3.

Yellow foot tortoise habitat

Habitats for a baby yellow foot should be at least 2×4′ and grow as they do.  Adults should have no less than 3×6′ with 4×8′ being better.  For indoor housing in winter only, you can use something smaller so long as they are outdoors with more room to roam in the warmer months.  By providing the proper sized habitat, your tortoise will be happy and therefore healthier.

Yellow footed tortoise humidity

Like other forest species of tortoise for sale, the yellow footed tortoise will enjoy a much higher humidity than most.  Like their native tropical regions, humidity should be kept in the 75-80% range at all times.  Lack of proper humidity will lead to improper shell growth, dehydration, and in severe cases even death of your tortoise.  Using a fogger system that turns on each morning with your light timer is best.  We recommend also spraying down the soil or substrate, should you not have a fogging system installed as of yet.

Yellow foot tortoise for sale Temperature

Temperature should be in the range of 80-94 degrees with both a hot spot and a cold spot.  The coldest spot should be around 80 and the hot spot around 92.  Providing both a hot spot and cold spot will enable your baby tortoise to thermoregulate.

Using a heat panel, ceramic heat emitter or MVA (mercury vapor lamp) will provide your hot spot.  Hot spots are super important as they allow the animal to regulate it’s body temperature.  Cold spots are also important for the same reasoning.  UV lighting should be provided via a 5% T5 high output UVB lamp.  We recommend using reptisun or Arcadia brand UVB lamps.  Arcadia are more expensive and available as 6% for the yellow and red foot, but last much longer.    Changing your UVB lamp should be done every 6-8 months, with Arcadia lasting closer to a year.

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