’s Affiliate Program

The highest paying Affiliate Program in the Reptile industry  is here!

Do you have a website about reptiles you are interested in turning into cash?  Are you capable of building websites that are related to Turtles, Tortoises, Geckos, Chameleons or other reptiles for sale?

Perhaps you own or are part of a Facebook group, club or personal page that you want to promote our captive bred reptiles for sale on?  Google Adwords expert that just needs a hyper-link to our reptile pages and is familiar with creating ads?

Affiliates of receive 10% of all sales, with an average sale of $265.00 US and an average commission of $26.50 per SALE!

Visitors are yours for 45 days (every visitor that reaches will have their purchases tracked within the first 45 days of visiting our website) and you will receive 10% of anything and everything they purchase within the 45 day window!

Payouts are once per month, with a $100.00 threshold and sent via paypal or check.

New Affiliates can sign up here:

Existing Affiliates can sign in here:

How does it work?  Simple, once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will have the options of obtaining code to paste onto your website, or links to paste to your youtube videos, facebook feeds, instagram stream etc.  You also will have access to image ads that link to specific species, or sections of our website.  For EX:  you would use a “sulcata tortoise for sale” image ad to paste onto your website or social media to promote sulcata tortoises for sale.  If someone clicks that link, they will enter our website already tracked as your affiliate.  If you’ve got questions, please email us direct here.