Corn Snakes for sale

Corn snake for sale

We offer the largest selection of corn snake morphs including some of the rarest and also some of the more common.  The Corn snake price is dependent upon 3 things: The Age of the cornsnake for sale, the sex of the animal, and last but most important, the color morph.

Albino Corn Snake for sale

Albino corn snake

Absolutely stunning to the eye, the Albino Corn snake for sale is easily the most popular of all corn snake colors.  The corns are available as albino or fused with other color morphs so they do not have to just be albino cornsnakes.

Corn Snakes for sale

corn snakes for sale

With our wide selection of corn snakes for sale it can be difficult to choose just which is the right fit for you.  After all, there is such a wide variety of pet corn snakes for sale online from numerous breeders.  Choosing the right breeders is going to set you up for success from the beginning. We highly recommend against purchasing your pet cornsnake from hobby breeders as cheap usually becomes expensive.

corn snake for sale

baby corn snake

Whether you are looking for a newly hatched baby corn snake for sale OR a juvenile or young adult, we’ve got you covered.  Usually we are stocking 3 age groups per color morph.  When you decide what color and sex you want, last you would decide what age.  More often than not you’ll be able to choose the exact color morph, sex and age of your new pet corn snake.

Cornsnake for sale

cornsnake for sale

Corn snake morphs

corn snake morphs

A variety of corn snake morphs for sale are available from us here at CB reptile.  We work with some of the most rare colors.  CS found years ago were only available in a few morphs but nowadays you are talking literally endless morphs available.  By combining color morphs we also are able to create multi-gene animals that include hets for even more colors.  It is crazy to think of how many different color morphs will be available in the CS niche.  Either way whatever you choose these guys make great pet snakes.

lavender corn snake for sale

Lavender Corn Snake

palmetto corn snake

Palmetto’s are pretty cool in themselves.  Very stunning and eye catching with that tint.

Okeetee corn snake

Okeetee corn snake for sale

blood red corn snake

A popular color with almost any pet snake, the blood red corn snake or corn snake blood red as some call it is quite popular.

pink corn snake

Popular because of it’s bright colors, the pink corn snake is also a top seller.  Among pet cornsnakes for sale, the pink is probably up there in the top 10.  Very bright and unique in color there are also many variants of pink including several multi gene animals.

pet corn snake

Probably the best pet snake in the world, the pet corn snake has taken over ball python.  Easy to care for and colorful with crazy genetics, pet corn snakes are just awesome.

Cornsnake for sale

When searching for the best breeder of cornsnake for sale online, consider the company.  Here at CB we have an actual animal biologist on-site that oversees all of our cornsnake breeder programs.  Hatching corns nearly every week, we ensure a wide variety of both ages, sexes and color morphs.

snow corn snake

The snow corn snake is one of the more popular lighter color morphs.  Some people refer to it as the white corn snake as well.  But normally when they are searching for a white corn snake they are actually looking for a snow.  Snow cornsake options include just straight snow, or multi-gene animals that carrier different colors.

corn snake cost

The corn snake cost is often based on both the age, sex and colors.  Cornsnakes range in price from 99.00 all the way up to the thousands, just depending on genetics and how rare they are.

corn snake price

When looking for the best corn snake price, you have to consider the age, the sex and the morph.  Older animals, and females typically will have a higher cornsnake price point.

corn snake size

The size of the adult corn snake is not large.  First of all, they are very thin snakes overall.  Only requiring to be fed once a week, these guys are really easy to care for and stay reasonably small.  Smaller than a ball python for sale, corns are just the perfect size and reach 3-5′ overall but again, they’re very slender when compared to a big fat ball python no matter the ball python morphs.

corn snake habitat

It is no surprise that the habitat needs of different species of pet snake may vary significantly. Some pet snakes require elaborate habitat designs and large amounts of space.  Some times unfortunately, the hobbyists are unable to provide. But other species of pet snake, such as the corn snake – are fairly easy to house.  This is because they don’t require anything complicated nor especially large.

corn snake enclosure

The corn snake enclosure should be around 2×4′ or larger for adult corns.  Remember when setting up your cornsnake enclosure, it is better to go as big as you can fit in your house and into your budget.  Baby cornsnake enclosures will be smaller but babies can also live in their forever homes.

corn snake lifespan

Corn snakes can live up to 23 years or more in captivity, compared to a reduced 6-8 years in the wild.

How long do corn snakes live?

The average corn snake lifespan is 6-8 years in the wild. However, they can live up to 23 years or more in captivity. The oldest corn snake in captivity lived for 32 years and three months according to recorded history.

corn snake colors

corn snake colors

corn snake diet

A common question with care for your CS is diet.  What do corn snakes eat? Mice should be your corn snake’s most common food, but you can feed them other prey, such as suitably sized quails or rats. Make sure prey is thoroughly defrosted and the width is no greater than 1.5 times the widest part of the snake’s body. 
Feeding 1 per week is normally sufficient but each snake is unique.  Feeding the appropriate size is key to keeping your snake happy and well fed.  Once you have fed your snake it is recommended to not handle them for 2-3 days while they digest their food.

candy cane corn snake

The candy cane corn snake morph is also a popular and unique color morph.  Resembling a candy-cane these guys are super cool looking.

candy cane corn snake

blizzard corn snake

blizzard corn snake for sale

blood red corn snake

blood red corn snake

orange corn snake

Orange cornsake options are also pretty popular, maybe not as popular as the blood red corn snake but still are pretty and less expensive as the blood red.

blue corn snake for sale

Certainly one of the coolest of all the color morphs, the blue corn snake is just stunning!  Blue corn snakes are just awesome and also come in many different varieties that include the blue tint etc.