• Indian star tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise for sale

CB Reptile has some gorgeous, high-yellow Indian Star tortoises for sale.  Our Indian Star tortoises for sale are available as hatchlings, well-started baby star tortoises for sale, yearlings, juveniles, and young adults.

  The Indian Star tortoise is one of the “crown jewels” of the shelled kingdom.  Indian Star tortoises are sought-after by tortoise keepers and enthusiasts as they stay small, and are easy to care for.

Indian star tortoise for sale

A baby Indian star tortoise requires a higher humidity than most baby tortoises for sale, however, with the right setup it is a pleasure to care for.  Baby Indian stars can be a tad shy at first, however, once they are tame, they can make great companion tortoises for sale.

baby Indian Star tortoise for sale

Indian Star tortoise Diet

Here at CB Reptile, our Indian star tortoises are kept at high humidity and fed a very high-quality diet of mixed veggies and greens including Kale, Romaine, Dandelion, Collard, Mustard, and Beet Greens, Squash, Shredded Carrot, Sweet Potato.  We also use a high-end vitamin-mineral mixture of Calcium with D3 and Vionate powder, in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Indian Star tortoise for sale

Indian Star tortoise habitat

When considering purchasing a new baby Indian Star tortoise for sale, be sure to do your homework on habitat and setup.  Indian Stars can be set up very easily and kept healthy and thriving with the proper tortoise habitat.  Baby Star tortoises can be kept in a sweater box, or Tupperware style container.  Keep in mind you also will need to supply an ambient heat level of 85 with a basking area of 95.  Humidity is key so using open top containers may not work depending on the humidity level within your home (if you are keeping your new baby tortoise for sale indoors of course!)

Indian Star Tortoise Humidity

Baby Star tortoises require higher humidity than adults.  Here at CB, we maintain our baby star tortoise for sale in closed containers with limited airflow. We keep the humidity around 80% for the first 24 months of life.  Keeping the humidity high will ensure a healthy, well-hydrated tortoise.  Also, with humidity levels in the 75-80% range, and limited airflow your new baby Indian star tortoise shell will stay smooth like a bowling ball.

Indian Star tortoise pyramiding

From lack of proper humidity, Some star tortoises for sale will end up with highly pyramided shells.  Typically this is a result of quite a few variables, most of which we can control.  While humidity is key, Indian Star tortoise breeders have also found that higher protein diets also may lead to pre-mature pyramiding in star tortoises.  Additionally, keeping only a hot spot, but the rest of the enclosure lower than the ambient temp should be (85 Degrees F) will cause pyramiding.

Indian Star tortoise breeders

CB Reptile specializes in all species of Star tortoise for sale.  From Indians to Sri Lankan and even the rarest of them all, the Burmese star tortoise for sale.  Working with all species of stars we would rate them in popularity as Indian, Burmese and then Sri Lankan.

Indian Star tortoise size

The smallest of all the Star tortoise family, Indian Stars only reach sizes of 6-8″ (males) and 7-11″ (females).  Most fall in the 6-9″ range with some larger females found from time to time.  Indian Star babies are just around 1.75″ when hatched.  Our well started Indian Star tortoise for sale are going to be around 2″ and a bit easier to care for than a more fragile Indian Star tortoise hatchling.