Ibera Greek Tortoise for sale

We have some gorgeous ibera greek tortoises for sale online.  We offer baby ibera greek tortoise for sale as well as the recommended 6 month old well started ibera greek tortoise for sale and the juvenile or yearling ibera greek tortoises for sale.  Very similar in appearance to their testudo cousins, the ibera greek does get larger then all of the hermann’s tortoise species including various eastern and western locale sub species.

One of the most diverse and widely spread Mediterranean tortoises ranging from the Republic of Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Jordan.  Originally classed as a separate species — Testudo Ibera (Pallas 1814) — Testudo Ibera became Testudo Graeca Ibera  (Mertens 1946, Wermuth 1958), though it is still considered by many to be a biologically separate species and has remained TG Ibera due to lack of common agreement.

If you are considering an ibera greek tortoise for sale, also be sure to check out our greek tortoise care sheet section.