The African fat tailed gecko species are known as one of the more neat and sophisticated breed of gecko. They’re very much so a pleasure to own and they’re relatively easy to takecare of. They’re one of my highly recommended gecko breeds for brand new owners.

The African fattailed gecko diet typically consists of crickets and/or mealworms. They may also readily accept silkworms, waxworms or pinkie mice, but these food items should only be given as a supplement as they are high in fat content.

FeedingFattail Geckos mainly eat live crickets, mealworms, waxworms, roach nymphs, and silk-worms. Be careful not to feed them anything larger than about 3/4 the size of their heads to prevent choking.  Explore our entire african fat tailed gecko care section for more information.

Before purchasing your new african fat tailed gecko for sale, find the right african fat tailed gecko breeder only offering captive bred baby fat tailed geckos for sale.  Before purchasing any fat tail gecko for sale, including baby fat tail gecko, be sure to do your homework on fat tail gecko feeding, fat tailed gecko diet and care!

African Fat Tail Geckos

Fat Tail geckos for sale or African Fat Tail Geckos are some of the coolest and easy to handle and care for geckos for in the world.  AFTS are getting more and more popular now that breeders like us have discovered many different Fat-Tailed Gecko morphs and are breeding some spectacular colored animals including Amelanistic, Tangerine, Zulu, Whiteout, Oreo fat tailed gecko, Zulu Fat tailed gecko, Zero and more. If you are searching for a fat tail gecko for sale near me, consider an AFT!  A baby tat tail gecko is very similar to leopard geckos for sale in care and appearance.

CB has the nicest fat tail gecko, including baby fat tail gecko, adult fat-tailed gecko, and juvenile fat tailed geckos for sale online.  Also, as Fat tail gecko breeders, we offer many fat tail gecko morphs.  Some gecko morphs include the popular and common fat-tailed gecko morphs for sale.  The African Fat Tail gecko is one of our personal favorites. If you are interested in learning about proper African Fat Tail Gecko care, please click here.