Coco husk, Eco-earth, and fertilizer-free soil are good substrates to use, as Horned Frogs like to burrow and spend much of their time just beneath the surface of the substrate. Paper towels are a cheap alternative for substrate. Fresh water should be supplied daily. A large, shallow water bowl should be provided containing de-chlorinated or bottled spring water. Tap water may be used as long as it has been treated with a de-chlorinating solution such as repti-safe or aqua-safe. These will normally have added calcium which can be beneficial to your frog. Pacman frogs can’t swim so the depth of the water must not go past your horned frog’s head. All species of Horned Frog require some humidity. Lightly misting the terrarium daily with de-chlorinated water in a spray bottle should suffice to keep humidity at the right level for your Horned Frog. All amphibians require somewhere to hide. Make sure your substrate is deep enough for your horned frog to hide in. The ideal temperature for your Horned Frog is a temperature gradient of 75- 82°F. Heat should be provided using an under tank heat mat with an appropriate thermostat. Heat mats should only cover between a third and a half of the wall or floor space to allow your Horned Frog to thermo-regulate. Never use heat lamps or basking lamps for amphibians, as these can cause your Horned Frog to dehydrate. It’s useful to have a small thermometer on either end of the terrarium to check the temperature. One end should be around 24°C and the other around 28°C to ensure that your Horned Frog can thermo-regulate by moving around the tank. Horned Frogs should be kept out of direct sunlight and a low UVB tube is generally a welcome addition to the terrarium. Your terrarium should be cleaned on a weekly basis.