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With a Biologist ON-SITE shop with confidence that you’ll be purchasing a top quality Gargoyle Gecko for sale online from a top quality gargoyle gecko breeder.  Whether it is super rare gargoyle gecko morphs like Super Red, Orange Striped, Orange Side Bar, Red Blotched, or orange and red striped gargoyle geckos or super stripes to name a few, or the more common colors like the reticulated gargoyle gecko, black & white striped, etc. all of as  Gargoyle Gecko breeders, our geckos come from top quality genetics and are as gorgeous as they are calm from our daily handling to ensure they make great pet geckos!

Here at CB we work with geckos because we love it! With backgrounds in both animal biology and genetics, our owner as well as on staff biologists worth with and oversee all of our gecko breeding programs.  Breeding geckos can be both challenging and rewarding specifically when working with high end color morphs.  There is a science behind working with multi-gene animals, like gargoyle geckos who have both recessive, and dominant, as well as codominant color traits.

Gargoyle Breeding A + B does not always = C!

For example:  Breeding a normal red striped gargoyle to a red blotch will not give you 50% red blotched and 50% red striped offspring. Infact, you may get neither!  You could get anywhere from red striped with red sidebars all the way to super stripes, depending on the lineage of each parent gecko.  Say the grandfather is a super stripe, well then you could very well get super striped offspring from breeding stripe to stripe, should both parents carry the super stripe gene.

Breeding can be a very rewarding experience and at times can also remind us of the intricacies of life. Some factors go into taking on the task of breeding. The health of the two geckos being the priority, knowing the state of the market and the value of the offspring you produce.Taking on your breeding endeavors begins with selecting a male and female. Adult males are visually distinctive with a hemipenile bulge and at least three rows of pores that span above the hemipenes. Females can produce pseudo pores that can give an incorrect identification.

Some of our Super Stripe Gargoyle Gecko breeder stock here at CB!

As far as gecko breeding is concerned, the Gargoyle Gecko can be very prolific. A healthy female will produce a clutch of two eggs per month and if not properly cooled, will produce all year round, which could be too much for her health. When cooling your female, we recommend a cooling period of three to four months at the least.  Here in the United States, the late fall/ early winter season is a perfect time to induce the female into brumation naturally. Slowly over time reduce the temperature between 66F  and 76F. In the spring you can induce breeding slowly by raising the temperature to high 70’sF but just do not exceed 85F.

Providing a laybox for your female gargoyle is important

Always provide a lay box for females even if not paired with your male.  Layboxes allow proper shedding, thru the constant slow moving humid air that lay boxes contain.  A lay box can be as simple as a Rubbermaid container with coco coir, or you could use Sphagnum Moss or vermiculite. Containers can have open tops, however, we recommend using a lid.  A hole can be drilled large enough for a gecko to climb in, and be sure the edges are not sharp. Using the Sphagnum Moss you will need to mist it almost daily to retain a damp environment.  Advantages of using a clear container like allowing you to look underneath to check for eggs are worth while therefore, use clear.

As gargoyle gecko breeders we offer a full gargoyle gecko care guide.  Please check out all of the gargoyle gecko care pages provided by our biologist below:

Incubating gargoyle gecko eggs

Here at CB, we incubate our gecko eggs at room temperature in deli cups, with 1-2 holes punctured in the lids with a hole as small as a thumb tack.  Using Repashy SuperHatch or Aquatic Potting Soil works well.  Because it’s so simple to use and retains the appropriate humidity without having to add water for an extended period we would recommend it. Interestingly, Gargoyle Eggs incubated at higher temperatures will hatch between 45-60 days and in the lower range between 60-70 days. Incubated at a low temperature allows the Gargoyle Gecko to develop and consume the entire yolk entirely. Resutling in a larger, healthier gargoyle hatchlings.

 All of our Gargoyle geckos for sale come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee and ship via UPS FedEx overnight and arrive the morning after shipping in heated or cooled insulated containers.  We offer baby geckos for sale, juvenile geckos, as well as young adult gargoyles for sale.  While there may be many gargoyle gecko breeders to choose from, we feel that our attention to genetics and optimal care and customer support make us the gargoyle gecko breeder of choice!