Super Giant Leopard geckos for sale

Searching for a new baby Giant leopard gecko?  Both Giant leopard gecko for sale and Super Giant leopard geckos are awesome to own!  What size is considered a giant or super giant? Basically to be considering a “giant leopard gecko” or a “Super Giant leopard gecko” the gecko must get big fast!  Giants and Super Giants reach 70 to 100 grams by  12 months old.  Typically to produce a super giant, both parents need to be at least a Giant.  Here at CB, we are pairing a male super giant leopard gecko with a female giant or super.

Real Super Giant leopard gecko for sale

Super giant leopard geckos are available in a variety of super giant leopard gecko morphs. Vibrant colored morphs like Tangerine Super Giant leopard gecko for sale, Albino Super giant leopard gecko.  Also, we breed tangerine super giant leopard geckos, as well as other super giant leopard geckos morphs for sale online.

Here at CB, we have been working with super giant leopard gecko morphs for years.  Through years of hard work we now produce some of the nicest baby supers and giants in the world. As a true giant leopard gecko breeder we sell year round.  All of our beautiful super giants ship via ups for next day arrival.

What is the best supergiant leopard gecko morph?

Tough question, that is impossible to answer! It is up to you to decide what you are most interested in concerning leopard gecko colors or morphs.  As a leopard gecko breeder, we are equally impressed with all morphs!  Shop with confidence that your new pet leopard gecko will arrive happy and healthy from one of the best gecko breeders in the world!

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