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At CB Reptile, 100% of our baby tortoise for sale online are captive bred.  With a biologist ON-SITE, our captive bred tortoises for sale and turtles for sale receive the best care available. That same care guidance is provided to our customer’s via our customer service team.   As tortoise breeders, we specialize in captive bred tortoise for sale.  CB offers both baby tortoises for sale and adult tortoises.  With the largest selection of captive bred tortoises anywhere, the best way to shop is by size.  Keep in mind to consider adult size when making your purchase!  All baby tortoises are small and cute, but some grow to 4″ and others to 24″!  Choose the size tortoise that fits your lifestyle based on how big it will grow to at full maturity.

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So many options and so many colors and sizes, choosing a new tortoise can be a difficult decision.  There are quite a few ways to build a list of your favorite species and settle on the new shelled family member.  Most of the time people shop for their new tortoise either by size or by price.  Keeping in mind that as a rule of thumb, the larger the tortoise, the cheaper the price.

However, this is not always the case.  For example, the Giant Aldabra is the largest but also the most expensive captive bred tortoise for sale here at CB Reptile.  Egyptians, for example, are small and only lay 1-2 eggs per clutch.  Therefore they typically run on the higher side.  Sulcatas, for example, are super common, lay 3-40 eggs per clutch and therefore are the cheapest of all species.

CB Reptile are proud tortoise breeders of over 25 species

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All of our tortoises including baby tortoises come with our full LIVE ARRIVAL and 7-day HEALTH GUARANTEE!  Shop with confidence that CB Reptile will provide you with the highest quality baby tortoise anywhere in the USA.   All of our reptiles for sale ship in heated or cooled insulated shipping boxes.  CB ships our captive bred tortoises via UPS or FedEx Early morning Priority overnight delivery.  Our packages leave our facility at 7 pm on the day of shipping to your doorstep the following morning.

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As tortoise breeders, we are proud to only offer captive bred baby tortoises for sale and are the best tortoise breeders in the USA.  If you are looking where to buy a tortoise online from in the USA, look no further.  If you are looking where to buy a tortoise online or where to buy a captive bred baby tortoise for sale, you have found the spot!

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baby tortoises for sale online

CB has one of the largest selections of captive bred tortoises for sale.  Only choose Captive bred animals when considering any tortoise, or turtles for sale.  Captive bred baby tortoises for sale and turtles for sale should be your only consideration instead of wild caught. Some of the best tortoise breeders in the world only work with captive bred animals.  Whether it be huge sulcata tortoise for sale, or small russian tortoise for sale, we are your source for the best of the best!

CB will guide you in the setup process should you be a new tortoise owner! Simply contact our customer support team and one of our valued team members will gladly assist you.  Because all of our staff are reptile enthusiasts, we enjoy helping other reptile lovers prepare habitats.  Customer support is also here for the life of your animal to answer any related care questions.

Tortoise breeders of over 25 species of tortoises!

Some captive-bred baby tortoises sold here online at CB reptile include: red foot tortoise, yellow foot tortoise, cherry head tortoise, Sulcata tortoise, leopard tortoise, giant leopard tortoise, Greek tortoises for sale online, eastern hermann’s tortoise, western hermann’s tortoise, as well as many other species of tortoise for sale and turtle for sale.

As tortoise breeders we focus on using only the best breed stock to provide our customers with healthy, happy and active top quality specimens that are sure to please any turtle or tortoise enthusiast for decades to come.  Our baby tortoises on sale include nothing but 100% captive bred tortoise breeds stock.

Looking to Buy tortoise? Look no further than our baby tortoise farm!

  As tortoise breeders for over 2 decades, we are proud to have the largest variety of in-stock tortoises on sale online.  Whether you are looking for a giant tortoise, or a tiny tortoise! CB Reptile ensures you will get a healthy, captive bred baby, juvenile, or adult tortoise.  CB also has the best tortoise prices! If you are looking for a cheap tortoise, you’re in luck.

Shop for your new tortoise at a great price at CB.  Free of charge CB provides the best customer support in the world.  Also, don’t forget a full live arrival and health guarantee.  Shop with confidence that any tortoise for sale purchased from CB reptile or Tortoise town is going to be top quality.

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Looking for a new baby tortoise for sale?

Suclata Tortoises – African Sulcata tortoise got their name from the Latin sulcus, which means furrow. Because name describes the deep grooves on the scutes (the plates of the shell) of the tortoise. Also, African Sulcatas are native to the Sahara desert.  Sulcata colors include the rarest Albino Sulcata tortoise, as well as the Ivory Sulcata tortoise.   Sulcatas are some of the most popular tortoise for sale in the world. Make sure you’ve got some room because a Sulcata tortoise gets really big! It doesn’t stop there when raised properly, their personality can be just as big!

Largest selection of baby tortoises for sale anywhere!

Here at CB reptile, we’ve got some fantastic baby Sulcata tortoise.  Also, we have well started 6-month-old baby Sulcata tortoises and yearlings.  Also, we have adult tortoises for sale are often also available including young adult Sulcata tortoise.  When looking for a baby Sulcata tortoise consider well-started babies over hatchlings.  We recommend a well started 6-month-old baby Sulcata tortoise over fresh and more fragile hatchlings.  Because well-started babies are past the fragile tortoise hatchling stages, therefore, easier to care for.

Ivory Sulcata tortoises for sale

 Another type of Sulcata tortoise, that have sandy, ivory color skink and shell is known as the ivory Sulcata tortoise or ivory Sulcata tortoise for sale.  Ivory Sulcatas have golden ivory colored skin.  Like the common Sulcata, the Ivory has two or more very large and prominent tubercles (or spurs) on the rear legs. Ivory in color, the carapace (top shell), each scute or plate is ivory/tan in color.  Lastly, Sulcata tortoise scutes are outlined by brown growth rings. Hence the plastron (bottom shell) is light tan to yellow.

Sulcata tortoises

Interestingly, the skin of an African Sulcata is very thick and the legs are covered in dull, spiny projections. Also, the thick skin and spines are intended for protection from predators.  Because the skin is thick, it also works as insulation, keeping the tortoise cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Prominent spurs on the rear legs serve no observable function according to scientists.  In contrast, from our own personal experience, they wag when they are happy like a dog’s tail.

Sulcata tortoises are the third largest breed of tortoise in the world.  Only surpassed in size by the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands and Seychelles (Aldabra tortoise). Not only do Sulcatas grow very large, but they also grow very rapidly.  An African Sulcata can reach up to two and a half feet long and 80-110 pounds or more in 12-15 years. On average, they grow to be 24 inches.  Weighing in at 80-110 lbs, these are big torts.  The oldest African Spurred tortoise recorded lived to be just over 80 years old.

baby leopard tortoise

CB has some awesome captive bred baby leopard tortoise hatchlings for sale!  CB Reptile offers a wide variety of leopard tortoise for sale.  Some leopard tortoises available here at CB include baby leopard tortoise, well-started 6-month-old baby leopard tortoise, yearling leopards and adult leopard tortoises.

Giant leopard tortoises for sale

We offer both the traditional leopard tortoise from northern and eastern African regions as well the rarer and highly sought after giant South African leopard tortoise, known as Pardalis Pardalis.  The Giant South African leopard tortoise is a bit larger, with a milder domed shell and darker, higher pigmented markings.  They’re also known for their outgoing personality and are a bit more friendly than the traditional leopard tortoise.  For this reason, we typically recommend the Giant South African’s as the baby leopard tortoise of choice.

Unlike other dessert tortoise species, baby leopard tortoises are some of the more popular tortoises as far as collectors and tortoise enthusiasts go.  Leopards are friendly, beautiful, can learn to eat from your hand.  Because they are very docile and relaxed as far as temperament.  Lastly, they will live up to 100 years of age and can make great additions to your reptile family for decades to come.  Giants as mentioned above, remain much more outgoing and a friendlier tortoise.

baby leopard tortoises for sale

Their primary diet is Romaine, various lettuces, collard greens, dandelion greens, spring mix, and Mazuri tortoise food here at CB Reptile.  When considering a pair, consider female and female so there is not overbreeding over they are mature at about 5-6 years of age.

Baby Leopard tortoises can reach up to 14-15″ and Giant South African leopards up to 18-24″.  These are extremes and most fall in the 14-16″ range.  Giant South African leopard tortoises (pardalis pardalis) are the most personable and outgoing of all the leopard tortoise species.

Eastern Hermann’s tortoises for sale

Eastern Hermann’s tortoise is the larger, common race. These tortoises are usually viewed as larger when compared to the western Subspecies.  Both Eastern Hermann tortoise for sale and the Western Hermann tortoise are excellent animals.  Here at CB Reptile, our baby Eastern Hermann’s torts are bright yellow and look like little bumblebees!  CB Reptile also breeds a variety of Western Hermann tortoise for sale, including multiple locales and subspecies.

Hermann’s tortoise colors

The ground color of the carapace is typically a horn color or can be brown, yellowish, or ochre. Less intense black or dark brown bars and blotches border it. The 5th vertebral scute usually lacks the keyhole symbol but a less defined “version” of it can found in some specimens especially captive-bred juveniles.  Baby eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale are just super colorful and super cute!

Hermann’s tortoise make great additions to any tortoise collection!

The Hermann’s tortoise head is bulkier with the eyes situated higher up and the yellow spot or fleck under each eye is usually absent except in neonates. Skin color is usually dark and may be tan, brown or grey. Hermann’s Plastrons’ exhibits discontinuous black markings which appear faded or broken up.  It is this color difference that shows between Eastern and Western.   The Easterns’ black patterns are nowhere near as well defined or prominent as in their western cousins.

Eastern Hermann’s tortoise size

Females typically reach seven to eight inches but extremely large, ten inch plus females have been encountered in parts of the world such as Bulgaria and also in captive collections. Males usually do not surpass seven inches but larger animals are not unheard of. These tortoises have a flatter, broader look and are more elongated than round.  Baby Hermann’s tortoises for sale are easy to care for and overall a great tortoise.

Western Hermann’s tortoise size

The Western Hermann’s tortoise is going to be the smallest of Hermann’s tortoise species.  Westerns’ will reach sizes of 4-7″ overall, with males typically being smaller than females.

Red-footed & yellow foot tortoise

Red foot tortoise, as well as the Cherry head tortoise and yellow foot tortoise,  are some of the most colorful tortoises in the world.  They can make great additions to your reptile family as they are easy to care for, easy going and very friendly. We offer a wide selection of red foot tortoises, as well as cherry head red foot tortoise (also known asa  cherry head tortoise) and yellow foot tortoises.

We have baby red-footed tortoise, well started 6-month-old baby red footed tortoise for sale as well as the yearling and juvenile red foot tortoises on sale.  Red foot tortoises have an average length of 12-14 in (30-35 cm); individuals measuring up to 18 in (45 cm) are commonly found while there have been occasional discoveries of 20 in (50 cm) specimens. Males are larger than females.  Cherry head tortoise is included in the family of red-footed tortoises.

Baby Greek Tortoise for sale

The various species of Greek tortoise are some of the more popular of the testudo tortoise family.  The Eastern and Western Hermann’s tortoises make better companion or pet tortoises for sale once mature, in our opinion but the greek tortoise for sale remains one of the more popular tortoises for sale none the less.  The baby Greek tortoise for sale is also known as the spur-thighed tortoise for the large conical tubercle it has on each thigh. Several subspecies are recognized, which vary greatly in color and size.

The high, domed upper shell (carapace) is around 20 cm in length in T. g. graeca known as the more common greek tortoise for sale, but almost twice as large in T. g. ibera. also known as the Ibera greek tortoise for sale.  The carapace varies from yellow or tan with black or dark-brown blotching to totally grey or black, while the lower shell (plastron) may be yellow to greenish-yellow, brown, or grey, with some dark-brown or black markings. Neck, limbs, and tail are yellowish brown.

Before purchasing a greek tortoise or a pair of greek tortoises, be sure that you are purchasing from a captive bred greek tortoise breeder, who is only selling 100% captive bred baby greek tortoises as well as juvenile and adult greek tortoises.

Baby Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoises for sale, as well as Sri Lankan Star Tortoises and Burmese Star Tortoise are the 3 main species of star tortoise.  Looking for a star tortoise?  We have a fantastic selection of captive bred star tortoises for sale online, including Indian Star tortoises Sri Lankan Star tortoise, and baby Burmese star tortoises.  As Indian Star tortoise breeders as well as being a Burmese star tortoise breeder we enjoy working with this fantastic species of star tortoise.  Shop with confidence that your new baby star tortoise will arrive healthy, alert and ready to eat the very next morning after shipment from our facility to your doorstep!

Baby Russian Tortoises for sale

We have some beautiful captive bred baby Russian tortoise for sale. The Russian tortoise is probably the most common small tortoise for sale in the world.  The baby Russian tortoise are captive bred, however, adults for sale are usually WILD CAUGHT and NOT Recommended for purchase.  Please rest assured that sells only CAPTIVE BRED baby Russian tortoises online.  The Russian tortoises sold at pet stores are almost ALWAYS wild caught.  Do yourself a favor and only buy captive bred tortoises.  Adults from the pet store are normally over 20-30 years of age and do not make good additions to your reptile family.

Russian tortoise for sale are very round tortoises when viewed from above.  When compared to most tortoise species, generally with a flattened top to the shell.  This is in comparison to higher domed tortoises.  Russians are not super colorful, usually a mixture of tans and browns. Some Russians will end up golden, occasionally with a green tint to their skin or shell.  Russian plastrons are mostly black.  Lastly, skin color, including the entire head, is usually tan, gray or sometimes brown.

Small tortoise for sale

Adult male Russian tortoises usually attain 5 to 6 inches in length. Female Russian tortoises for sale reach 6 to 9 inches in size.  Here at CB most of our males are right around 5½ inches.  In comparison, and most of our adult female Russian tortoise for sale range from 6 to 7 inches. Our largest Russian tortoise is a female about 8 inches long. It’s not unheard of for them to reach 9-10 inches, but this is uncommon.  Baby Russian tortoises for sale are super cute and active little torts.