Often called the Pacman frog, the horned frog grow up to 6 inches and tend to be a medium to dark green or yellow color with black and red patches in their patterning. Pacman frogs can live up to ten years with proper care. They originate from South America. Horned Frogs spend a lot of time buried just below the surface of the ground. They stay there camouflaged amongst the undergrowth and wait for prey to come to them. They are not very active and can grow a cocoon of skin around themselves in cool temperatures to help keep moisture in whilst they hibernate. This is called Estivation. Horned Frogs are great first amphibians for beginners because they are relatively easy to care for and are very hardy. The only thing to worry about with Horned Frogs is their predatory tendencies. They will generally eat anything that moves, including other Horned Frogs, so should be kept singularly. Your Pacman frog can eat earthworms, locusts, crickets, cockroaches, mealworms, fuzzie to large mice, feeder fish, slugs, and snails. Supplements should also be given about once every week.  Pacman frogs do not require large habitat, as they are fairly inactive. They prefer a woodland type set up within their housing. Your terrarium should contain substrate,  lighting, humidity, heat, water and a place for your frog to hide.

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