Panther Chameleon Habitat Setup

Looking for a Panther Chameleon cage for sale or a panther chameleon habitat setup?  We’ve got some fantastic options for you, including custom cut panther chameleon trees for sale and more.  We have a full line of chameleon habitats for sale online, including panther chameleon terrariums, open air chameleon cage for sale, veiled chameleon terrariums, veiled chameleon cage for sale, and veiled chameleon setups and complete chameleon kit for sale.  CB recommends purchasing your setup before purchasing your new panther chameleon for sale.

Panther Chameleon Cage

Searching for the correct chameleon cage for sale for your new pet panther chameleon? As a rule of thumb, you want to go with a medium sized reptibreeze for females and hatchling thru juvenile male panther chameleons.  With females they can live their entire lives comfortably in a medium sized 16×30″ retpibreeze chameleon habitat, though we still would recommend providing them a larger cage option if possible by going with the XL chameleon cage by reptibreeze, which is 4×2′ in size.

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