Leopard Tortoise for sale

We have some fantastic leopard tortoises for sale!  We offer a wide variety of leopard tortoise for sale including baby leopard tortoise for sale, well started 6 month old baby leopard tortoises for sale, yearling leopard tortoises for sale and adult leopard tortoise for sale online.

We offer both the tradtional pardalis babcocki leopard tortoise from northern and eastern african regions as well the more rare and highly sought after giant south african leopard tortoise for sale, known as Pardalis Pardalis for sale.  The Giant South African leopard tortoises for sale are a bit larger, with a milder domed shell and darker, higher pigmented markings.  They’re also known for their outgoing personality and are a bit more friendly then the traditional leopard tortoise for sale.  Leopard tortoises are some of the more popular tortoises as far as collectors and tortoise enthusiasts go.  They are friendly, beautiful, can learn to eat from your hand and are very docile and relaxed as far as temperament.  They will live up to 100 years of age and can make great additions to your reptile family for decades to come.  They’re primary diet is dandelion greens, spring mix and mazuri tortoise food here at tortoise town.  When considering a pair, consider female and female so there is not overbreeding over they are mature at about 5-6 years of age.  Leopard tortoises can reach up to 14-15″ and Giant south african leopards up to 18-24 though most fall in the 16-18″ range.  Giant South african leopard tortoises (pardalis pardalis) are the most personable and outgoing of all the leopard tortoise species.