Amelanistic African Fat Tailed Geckos

Looking for an amelanistic African fat tailed gecko for sale? We sell some of the best amelanistic African fat-tailed geckos for sale online.

Amelanistic fat tail geckos have a white background color and their banding will be varying shades of orange, yellow or peach.  This recessive trait is a genetically inherited and results in the gecko lacking melanin or black pigment. However, the difference between an Amelanistic African fat tail gecko and a true albino is this mutation exhibits black pigment within its eyes. We are working with geckos that display extreme qualities of this trait. As a result, we are able to offer our clients some very special Amelanistic African fat tail geckos.

We offer a variety of fat tail geckos for sale online.  As African fat tail gecko breeder we work with many fat-tailed gecko morphs also known as African fat tail gecko morphs and fat tail geckos for sale.

Below you will find detailed information on fat tail gecko care provided by our biologist including the following:

Fat tailed gecko care tips

The African Fat Tailed Gecko, once rare is becoming more of the most sought after pet geckos for sale.  Although not as popular as the more common Leopard Gecko, African fat tails are gaining popularity.  Why are they not as popular as other species of pet gecko?  Well, partially because they are rather difficult to breed when compared to leopard gecko breeders. However, if you are seeking a docile, cute and easy to care for pet gecko for sale, look no further than the beautiful African fat tail gecko.  Leopard geckos for sale are very similar to the Fat tail gecko, however the fat tail is more relaxed.  Leopard geckos offer more color, known as leopard gecko color morphs as well.

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