marginated tortoise for sale

Marginated Tortoise for Sale

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The marginated tortoise for sale is one of three species of tortoises found in Europe. It is also the largest. They are mainly found in Greece. They are also located in lesser numbers in the Balkans and Italy. An adult can weigh up to 10 pounds and have a shell length of up to 14 inches. These marginated tortoises for sale tortoises have a dark carapace with yellow markings. As the tortoise matures, the shell elongates and flares out in the back, thus the name.

The marginated tortoise is herbivorous and hibernates in the winter. They live more in the mountainous regions. The marginated tortoise for sale is quite relaxed and calm, although they can be quite territorial in the wild. These tortoises can potentially live to be 100 years old.


The marginated tortoise lives exclusively off the plant life that is native to the European region it inhabits. This includes flowers, grass, weeds, and anything else it can find. This should include dandelions, lettuce, clover, watercress, honeysuckle, kale, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnip, spinach, and peppers.


Since the marginated tortoise grows slowly, an enclosure at least 36 inches in length can be used for a small tortoise. This is equivalent in length to a 40 gallon aquarium. A vivarium setup is ideal for the tortoise. A glass enclosure will keep the humidity too high. Live plants should be used rather than plastic or silk. The tortoise will not be able to tell the difference, and eat them.

That is one reason to always keep fresh vegetables on hand so that the tortoise is not tempted to eat its decor. Although tortoises are strictly land animals, a shallow bowl of clean, dechlorinated water should be kept in their enclosure. They like to dip their heads and soak. For substrate it is best to use beechwood chips or other large bark substrate. Do not use any type of sand. This can be ingested by the tortoise and cause respiratory problems.Include something for the tortoise to climb on. Ensure that it is not too steep.

A marginated tortoise will need a large enclosure. Inside, it is recommended that a tabletop vivarium be used. Heating and lighting are also necessary to ensure the proper shell growth. UVB lighting is a must. This should be provided for at least 12 hours a day to mimic actual daylight. A basking light is also important to provide the necessary warmth. The basking light should be located at one end of the enclosure.

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