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Red Foot Tortoise for Sale

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Red foot tortoises, as well as cherry head red foot tortoises and yellow foot tortoises very colorful and friendly. They can make great additions to your reptile family as they are easy to care for, easy going and very friendly.

We offer a wide selection of red foot tortoises for sale, as well as cherry head red foot tortoise for sale (also known as cherry head tortoise for sale) and yellow foot tortoises for sale.  We have baby red footed tortoise for sale, well started 6-month-old baby red foot tortoise for sale as well as a yearling and juvenile red foot tortoises on sale.


Red-footed tortoises are tropical rainforest tortoises whose range covers most of tropical South America. There are several regional variants, with some large adults having a straight carapace length (SCL) of up to 16”-17”. There are possibly several sub-varieties of red-foots that will one day be separated into sub-species, and the most commonly recognized of these is the cherry-headed red-foot, or dwarf red-foot, whose SCL rarely exceeds 12”.

Are Red-foot tortoises for you?
Red-foots do make extremely good pets, being very friendly, medium to largish animals as adults (4-8 kg). As with other tortoises in the UK, it is far better to buy from a genuine UK breeder. Unfortunately, red-foots don’t require paperwork (article 10 certificates), so proving they are genuine UK-bred is difficult unless you choose a breeder from one of the recommended lists, such as the TPG recommended breeders list, or know of other people who can give reference to a reputable breeder. Never buy from a pet store even if the store owner assures you they are captive bred, as this can mean that they were bred in a captive farmed situation in their homeland where true captive breeding is not always genuine, and animals are often gathered from the wild. Imported red-foots often arrive in appalling conditions, are severely dehydrated, and full of internal parasites. Wild gathered and captive farmed red-foots mixed together often carry hexamita parva, an internal protozoa that infects the renal region, causing death in many imports, so it is important to take great care when purchasing a red-footed tortoise and buy genuine captive UK-bred only.

General Husbandry Requirements:
Red-foots aren’t really that difficult to house and are probably far easier to maintain in a captive environment than most Mediterranean tortoises. Firstly, depending on age, these tortoises can be housed in a variety of enclosures: table enclosures, vivariums, and under-bed storage units. Red-foots are a species which do NOT hibernate.

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