Rhino Iguana shedding

rhinoceros Iguana Shedding

Juvenile rhino iguanas should be shedding every few weeks and may even appear that they are constantly in shed for the first two-three years. Shedding will be in segments and various body parts at different times. It is normal. As your rhino iguana grows it will be shedding less often to a point of being once or twice a year and will shed in larger sections.  It is important to maintain proper humidity as the shedding properly really does depend on the air being humid enough to not stick to the animals new skin.

Handling your Rhino Iguana

When handling your juvenile rhino iguana you can expect some squirming, wiggling and clawing. As your iguana gets used to you it will feel more relaxed and less nervous. Juvenile iguanas have very sharp needle like claws, so if you have sensitive skin you should wear gloves. Biting usually is not typical for our juvenile iguanas since we handle them and tame them from the day they hatch. DO NOT grab, hold or pick-up your iguana by the tail, it can break off or get injured.
Try to handle your juvenile once a week until the iguana will start getting comfortable with you and then you can handle it regularly. Iguanas thrash less if picked up from underneath, not from the top down. A notation about nail proper trimming should be included. Also a bath routine helps tame the iguana especially if it’s regular. Bath water by the way has a rule: if the iguana is cold to the touch the water temperature should only be a few degrees warmer, then slowly add warmer water. If the iguana is hot to the touch, then a nice warm bath is fine.baby rhino iguana for sale

Rhino iguana UV lighting – Heat may not be needed during the night if the ambient temperatures don’t fall below 21 ºC (70 ºF). You can set the lights and heat to stay on automatically for 12 hours on and give them 12 hours of night time.
It’s important to comprehend temperature zoning in an enclosure where ventilation is paramount to establish the enclosure zoning for the new pet rhino iguana. Enclosures such as tanks of box type with sliding glass door are very difficult to ventilate properly. Most off the shelf enclosures do not provide sufficient ventilation. Thus the enclosure will be near impossible to temperature-zone properly.

The caution is if the room is not heat/cool regulated, A. the enclosure must have alternate heat source, and B. A temperature controller to ensure when the room temperature rises beyond a certain point, the basking lamp and other heat generating sources must be turned off else the enclosure’s temperature will exceed what the iguana’s limits in rather a short period of time.

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