Super Giant Leopard Gecko Housing

Adult leopard geckos are quite lively and appreciate a large vivarium. A 2.5ft (approx. 30inch) vivarium or a 20-gallon tank should be adequate for an adult leopard gecko, but the more space you can give them the better, especially when housing multiple leopard geckos together.

There are various substrates that are sometimes recommended for use with leopard geckos including sand, woodchips, and pebbles, but most keepers prefer not to use loose substrate due to the risk of impaction if it is digested. This is particularly important when providing a substrate for juvenile or sub-adult leopard geckos, as they are more susceptible to ingesting loose materials than fully-grown adults. Ideally, it is better not to use these types of the loose substrate at all, and reptile/cage carpet, lino or vinyl tiles are a very good alternative.

Super Giant leopard gecko substrate

A simpler, but less attractive substrate is paper towels or newspaper. These are cheap, fit for purpose and easy to clean if they become soiled.

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