Tangerine Albino Leopard Gecko Diet


A vital ingredient to proper bone development and overall heath in leopard geckos is calcium. This along with fresh water must be available at all times and can be provided by utilizing a shallow dish.


Leopard gecko’s diet typically consists of crickets and/or mealworms. They may also readily accept silkworms, wax-worms, or pinkie mice, but these food items should only be given as a supplement as they are high in fat content. Geckos that are under 4 months should be fed about 5 crickets every day and juveniles and adults should be fed about 9 crickets or mealworms three times a week. Crickets should be appropriately sized for the gecko and as a general guideline we feed 1/2 sized crickets for hatchlings that are under six weeks old and then feed 2/3 sized crickets right up to and including adulthood. Insects should be gut-loaded with either a commercial gut-load product or a mix of either baby cereal, fish flakes or high grade dry dog/cat food as well as leafy greens such as endive, dandelions or romaine lettuce. Gut loading ultimately means that the prey insect is acting as a vehicle to pass on beneficial nutrients to your gecko. Food items should be dusted with calcium powder at every second feeding and a supplementary vitamin should be dusted with around once a week. Crickets can be put in the enclosure to roam but should be removed if your gecko does not eat them within a few hours. Mealworms can be left in a shallow dish. As mentioned above, your gecko should always have a fresh bowl of water and a shallow dish of calcium in their enclosure.

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