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Ibera Greek Tortoise for Sale

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An Ibera Greek tortoise for sale is a popular member of the testudo tortoise family.  The ibera greek tortoise for sale remains one of the more popular tortoises for sale none the less.

HOUSINGibera greek tortoise for sale onlineibera greek tortoise for sale

Tortoises like roaming about, so if possible make the garden completely escape proof. Walled gardens are ideal but if you have to pen your tortoise in, allow at least 10 square meters per tortoise and make sure that the animal can neither climb over nor burrow under the surround. Pens with solid walls should be at least 50cm high, buried to a depth of 10cm, with wooden stakes as support. Garden ponds should be adequately covered to prevent the risk of drowning.

A well-ventilated greenhouse with access to a lawn and a paved sunbathing area is ideal for tortoises, as in both spring and autumn the animals will be able to heat up sufficiently to feed well, thereby extending their summer and shortening their hibernation period. A lower pane of glass can be replaced with a panel of wood with an entrance hole or cat flap in it, thus ensuring that the tortoises can escape from overheating on the hottest summer days. It should be remembered that glass filters out all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

A waterproof house in a sunny position is essential to protect the tortoise from extremes of cold, wet and heat. It can be of a wooden construction, preferably covered with roofing felt and be slightly raised to prevent the floor from becoming damp. It can be lined with thick newspaper or dried leaves. The house need not be very high as the tortoise will feel safer in an enclosed space.

All substrates used should be non abrasive, digestable, non toxic and easy to clean.

If you have several tortoises keep them in single species in groups of no more than five to reduce disease risk. It is advisable to separate the males and females as the males often engage in female shell butting and leg biting as part of their courtship. Females constantly exposed to this treatment, and unable to escape, will feed less, produce eggs less frequently and will eventually suffer from extensive shell and leg damage with an increased likelihood of infections.

ibera greek tortoises for saleULTRAVIOLET LIGHTING

Many commonly kept tortoises are basking species. These naturally use ultraviolet light from the sun’s radiation to produce vitamin D. During the summer months, exposure to unfiltered sunlight is ideal. At other times of the year, supplemental lighting will be required. Artificial sources produced for reptiles should be used. UV light is split into a number of fractions and it is the UV-b which is required for vitamin D production. Many lamps marketed may be a full spectrum or UV producing, but it is important to ensure that the lamp is producing UV-b. This should be on every day mimicking the natural daylength. Many lamps need to be close to the tortoises and need to be replaced frequently, even if they appear to be working as the UV light production falls over time and distance from the source.


Contrary to belief tortoises do drink, especially on waking from hibernation. A shallow dish about 10cm deep should be sunk into the ground. A cat litter tray part filled with water at 75F can be used as a bath for 10-30 minutes. Tortoises placed in the bath should be supervised to prevent drowning.


Tortoises need a diet which is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but low in fat and proteins, and they feed mainly on green leaves. If your tortoise has the run of a garden it will forage quite successfully for itself on charlock, chickweed, clover, dandelion, groundsel, plantains, sow thistle and vetches, often complete with flowers, and the leaves of plants and bushes like buddleia, ice plant, lilac, rose and bramble. Make sure you have a tortoise friendly garden containing no poisonous plants. Propagate your own weeds if you can. Seeds are obtainable from various seed merchants. Beware of weed killers and slug pellets especially if foods are gathered away from your own premises. Always wash wild foods thoroughly before feeding.

At times of year when suitable weeds are hard to find a wide variety of greens and salad must be offered. The diet should be guided by the situation in the wild. Fruit is sometimes eaten but it should only form a minor part of the diet. Vegetables should be fed raw and in moderation. Avoid excess of one food type, such as brassicas, which should only be fed as part of a varied diet. If a tortoise is not eating, advice should be sought within a week.

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