medium sized tortoise for sale online

Medium Sized Tortoise for Sale

Interested in purchasing a medium sized tortoise for sale online?

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medium sized tortoise for sale onlineWith over 25 species of captive bred tortoises for sale, we have some amazing medium sized tortoises for sale.  Some of the medium sized tortoise species for sale include: Red Foot tortoiseYellow Foot tortoiseCherry head red foot tortoise,  Sir Lankan Star Tortoise and Burmese Star TortoisesIbera Greek TortoisesGolden Greek TortoisesLeopard TortoisesGiant South African Leopard Tortoises(Pardalis Pardalis), Elongated TortoisesMarginated TortoisesHingeback Tortoise & More.

Redfoot tortoise

Redfoots are a medium sized tortoise best meant for humid climates. They love rain in warm weather.  They are adapted to eat fruit in their wild habitats, so they can handle that, and will even eat small mice and worms, if encountered. The cherryhead redfoot is a different locale of redfoot that averages a little smaller in size but otherwise falls under the same conditions.

Leopard tortoise

medium sized tortoises for sale
Leopards are a medium sized tortoise that does well in desert habitats as an adult. Provided shade, they can handle very hot summers but are one of the least cold-tolerant species we keep.

The adults we try not to let get below about 55-60 degrees (ever) by bringing them indoors or heating their night boxes during the winter as well as cold spring and fall months. Absolutely beautiful markings on these, and no two are exactly the same.

Hermanns tortoise
Hermanns tortoises are a great, small species that we usually suggest first when someone is looking for an ideal pet tortoise. Their small adult size makes them easy to keep in a variety of climates or indoor situations, and they are very tolerant of heat as well as cold.

They are kept outdoors in much of the US with proper (or no) winter preparation, and they will bury themselves in the fall and emerge again in the spring like nothing ever happened. With care much like a Russian or Greek tortoise, they are attractive looking and enjoy an arid climate, but will acclimate pretty quickly to a variety of conditions in captivity.

Star Tortoise for sale

Star tortoises are a small, but still considered a medium sized tortoise for sale, stunning species that we often refer to as a “mini leopard.” They have the same low tolerance for cold temperatures that leopards have, but do well in the warmer areas of the country outdoors. Their small size makes them a candidate for an indoor enclosure, particularly the males which are significantly smaller than the females.

medium sized tortoises for sale
Pancake tortoise

Pancake tortoises are a small, very unique tortoise naturally occurring in Africa in rocky areas. They are unlike other species in many ways, but their obvious shape (very flattened) and their flexibility in their shells. They are very soft so they can squeeze in to cracks in rocks and inflate to lock themselves in, preventing predators from pulling them out. They are also amazing climbers, and definitely are escape artists. They have a very low center of gravity and can climb vertical surfaces with very little roughness to grab on to. They are very secretive, and hide 95% of the day when given the option (and they should be given the option).

Marginated Tortoise

These are some small to medium sized tortoises, the largest of the testudo group which includes hermanns, Russians, greeks and Egyptians. Marginated tortoises also handle heat and cold very well, and are kept outside in many (most) parts of the country. They have perhaps the largest cold to hot tolerance range of the commonly kept tortoises. They are very much like hermanns tortoises but are slightly larger and have a distinguishable “flair” to the rear end of their shells.

Tortoise for sale online from CB Reptile

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Baby tortoises for sale

Some other species of pet tortoise for sale include the Sulcata tortoise, the Russian tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, Hermann’s tortoise.  Other species of large tortoise for sale or giant tortoise for sale include Aldabra tortoise, Sulcata tortoises, Leopard tortoise, giant leopard tortoise.

Some medium-sized tortoises for sale include red foot tortoise, yellow foot tortoise, cherry head tortoise, Burmese star tortoise, and Sri Lankan Star tortoise.  Other small tortoise includes the Indian star tortoise, western Hermann’s tortoise, and greek tortoise to name a few.

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