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Pancake Tortoise for Sale

Interested in purchasing a pancake tortoise for sale online?

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pancake tortoise for sale online pancake tortoises for saleWe have some beautiful African pancake tortoises for sale.  Our pancake tortoise for sale are captive bred tortoises for sale and are not wild caught.  All of our reptiles for sale online are 100% captive bred and comes with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee.

These cute little flat shelled tortoises are from Tanzania and Kenya and get their name from their unique looking shell.

Unlike other tortoises, the shell on a pancake tortoise is actually flexible. This makes them lighter and speedier than other tortoises.

This baby tortoise for sale can certainly shift if it needs to and is and good climbers too. This proves very useful when they’re trying to avoid predators. When trying to hide they will wedge themselves in crevices (gaps in rocks) and puff up their body to wedge themselves so they can’t be pulled out. They do this in their enclosure at Folly Farm so don’t panic if you see them wedged sideways between two stones, it’s completely normal behavior.

Pancake tortoise for sale

Fun facts about the pancake tortoise

Pancake tortoise questions and answers

How long do they live?
Up to the thirty-five years, but they have been known to live longer.

They’re quite small…how big do they actually get?
They can grow up to 6/7 inches long and up to 1 inch tall. A baby pancake tortoise is the size of a 50 cent piece.

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Baby tortoises for sale

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