Tangelo Leopard Gecko Light

Leos need a relatively dry environment to prevent skin or airway problems. Measure the humidity at the cool end with a hygrometer. It should normally be around 30 to 40%. If it is too high, your vivarium will need more ventilation.

UV light is not necessary with leopard geckos

A humid hide is also required to provide a local area of useable humidity, as described later. Light A normal light cycle is needed to keep your gecko healthy. As leopard geckos are crepuscular, they will benefit from low levels of ultraviolet light. UVb allows the lizard to make vitamin D3 inside of its body. Vitamin D3 allows the lizard to store and use calcium, an essential mineral. UV cannot pass through glass, so do not place the enclosure near a window.

Fit a 2 to 5% UVb tube for reptiles, along half the roof of the vivarium, above the gecko. Create a ‘photogradient’ by positioning your UVb tube with one end fairly close to the basking lamp, at the warm end. The cool end will then be more shaded, as would occur in the wild. UVb decreases with distance and is partially blocked by mesh, so you may need a stronger UVb bulb in a taller vivarium, or one with a mesh lid. Check the manufacturer’s guidance on which bulb you need. UVb output also decreases over time, so follow the instructions for replacing the bulb. Seek advice from your reptile vet if you have a red-eyed morph as they may find bright light damaging. Use a timer to set the day/night patterns: 10 hours light, 14 hours dark or 12 hours light, 12 hours dark in summer.

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