Tangelo Leopard Gecko Substrate

The substrate is the name for the floor covering in your vivarium. It is important as it provides something for the gecko to grip onto. In the wild, leopard geckos may take up small amounts of soil or sand when feeding, which are passed through the body. With a healthy adult gecko, in a well set-up enclosure, a soil/sand mix of approximately 50% organic soil, 50% sand can be used. Only use clean children’s play sand or reptile sand – not builder’s sand which can be sharp. Do not use ‘calcisand’, beech chips, or other nonnatural loose substrates. This is because they can cause ‘impaction’, where particles become lodged inside of the belly and cause a blockage. This is a potentially fatal issue. Impaction is a worrying sign of underlying problems such as incorrect temperatures, dehydration or vitamin deficiencies. Therefore you should see your reptile vet for regular check-ups to ensure that your gecko is healthy

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