Ball Python Handling

Ball pythons for sale are becoming typical household pets. Before purchasing your ball python for sale, be sure to know how to properly care for it. One of the most important parts of owning a ball python for sale is knowing how to properly handle it.

For starters, the more you handle your ball python for sale online, the more it will be warmed up to you. Regular interaction will make your snake easier to manage and more docile. A recommended ball python handling of three to four times a week is a good guideline. This however is not set in stone because just like any other animal, every snake is different. To avoid stressing your pet out, allow breaks between ball python handling to avoid stressing it out.

As for what you can expect the snakes skin to feel like, it is unexpectedly smooth. A common misconception is that it is slimy.

Ball pythons must be pet only below the neck! There is a post-feeding protocol for ball pythons. After eating, they should be left alone for a couple days so it can digest.

Owning a snake also comes with a little risk. While the snake may not be able to kill you, it can still cause harm with a bite. Some ball pythons are aggressive and will bite the owner if given the chance. This behavior is not always permanent but there is a chance you could end up with an aggressive snake.  Looking for something smaller? check out our corn snake for sale section!

Pet snakes may recognize you by understanding you play an important function in their life, but they don’t feel any familiarity towards their owners such as dogs.

Snakes don’t typically enjoy being pet, but they develop a tolerance for it. Too much physical contact can make your snake uncomfortable.

Ball Python Care Sheet

Below you will find a wealth of ball python care information provided by our biologist.  Take some time to explore some of the various ball python care sections of our website.  Learn about proper ball python keeping including:

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