Ball Python Water

Ball Pythons for sale make some of the best reptilian pets. Within the ball python family you will find many ball python morphs.  A ball python for sale comes in all shapes and sizes. Before purchasing your ball python for sale online, learn how to properly care for it and tend to its needs. One of the most important things to think about when caring for a ball python is ball python water.

Water is a necessity for all living things. It is very important for your ball python to have water in its enclosure at all times. Distilled water is not recommended for your reptile. Some tap water can be considered unsafe. If you do not know if your tap water is safe, it is best to stick to using bottled water.

Water for your new baby ball python for sale

Some companies sell products such as “water conditioner” to put in your snakes water dish. Its purpose is to remove chlorine, provide ions and electrolytes to hydrate animals and detoxify ammonia and nitrites.  Using a conditioner is more important for a baby ball python over adults.

Water should be offered in a shallow water dish. It should not be too deep to drown your snake. The size of the water dish is up to you. If you chose to make it large enough for your snake to be able to rest in it, you will soon see your snake take advantage of that. Ball pythons will often be seen soaking in their water to retain moisture and keep hydrated.

Change your ball pythons water often

Like many animals, snakes will defecate in their water bowls from time to time. Be prepared to disinfect it often. We recommend about every week you should take the bowl out of the enclosure and thoroughly clean it out. Be sure not to use any harsh or dangerous chemicals.

A spare water bowl can come in handy for when you are cleaning the original one. Looking for something smaller? check out our corn snake for sale section!

Ball Python Care Sheet

Below you will find a wealth of ball python care information provided by our biologist.  Take some time to explore some of the various ball python care sections of our website.  Learn about proper ball python keeping including:

ball python water

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