Ball Python Humidity

Pet Ball pythons native to the tropics of sub-Saharan Africa areas. Therefore, ball pythons are typically used to warmer temperatures. Also, where they exist in the wild, they experience constant medium to high humidity all year.  To keep your captive bred pet ball python healthy and happy, always try to duplicate their natural environment or habitat.

Remember, ball pythons come from central Africa, however, ball pythons are not normally found in rainforests, wetlands or anywhere particularly damp or with super high humidity. BPS seem to prefer grassland loosely wooded semi forests.  Also, they can be found on savannahs, where the overhead canopy does not close so it does not get too humid.

In captivity, we recommend keeping the humidity in the ball python’s habitat anywhere  between 52% and 65%.  A median of 55% seems to work best.  Remember, if the humidity inside the ball python habitat drops below 50%, it is not health for the ball python.  A number of health issues related to low humidity can quickly occur.  Low humidity also will prevent proper shedding as your ball python grows larger.  Looking for something smaller? check out our corn snake for sale section!

Ball Python Care Sheet

Below you will find a wealth of ball python care information provided by our biologist.  Take some time to explore some of the various ball python care sections of our website.  Learn about proper ball python keeping including:

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