hatchling leopard gecko care

Leopard Gecko Hatchling care

Baby leopard gecko hatchlings

When the baby leopard geckos climb out from the egg they will quickly become active.  At this stage, they measure about 2.5″ and are about 1/4 the size of an adult leopard gecko. Leopard gecko babies need to be immediately be relocated to a hatchling enclosure.   Housing hatchling’s individually in plastic shoe box sized containers is an effective way to help reduce stress through their transition period. Initially only water should be offered and enclosures lined with moist paper towel. After a hatchlings first shed is complete, which is around day 10, you can offer baby pinhead crickets and switch to a paper substrate.
Hatchlings are not born with their adult coloration or markings – and unlike many other species of reptiles, most leopard gecko morphs get better as they age. Patternless leopard geckos are often born with banding and/or spots and many color morphs may appear dull or muted until they start to mature. This means that as a breeder you get to witness first-hand the amazing progression as the babies develop into their adult leopard gecko appearance.

breeding leopard geckos

Typically leopard gecko females are not sexually mature until they weigh 45 grams and reach 9 to 10 months of age. North of the equator, leopard geckos experience a breeding season running from January to September. Individuals hatched late in the year may not start laying eggs until April of the following season.

Breeder leopard geckos should be put through a cooling or cycling period to help stimulate the breeding cycle. Before leopard geckos enter the cooling period it is crucial to completely empty their digestive tracks. During cycling temperatures are lowered to the high 60’s(F) to low 70’s(F) Only water is made available during this period, which should range between four to eight weeks.
Once the cycling period is over temperatures should be brought back to normal levels and a regular feeding program. As soon as the leopard geckos have acclimatized to the regular temperatures the males can be introduced to the females. A general rule of thumb is that each male can successfully breed up to six females. Within six weeks the female leopard geckos will start becoming larger and a look at their underside will show the outline of the developing ovum.

At this time a nesting box should be introduced with a small entrance hole and a good layer of moist vermiculite where the female can bury her eggs (the vermiculite will prevent the eggs from drying out.)

Carefully, remove the eggs from the nest and place into a sealed container (deli cup or tupperware works) that you open top vent once per week for just a moment.  They should be placed on a medium like hatchrite, or damp cocoa coir can also be used as well as vermiculate and other egg incubating mediums.

The males have hemipenal bulges below the vent whereas females do not. Males and females both have a V-shaped row of scales above the vent but only the male’s scales here are hollow and produce wax. This wax is for scent marking their territory.  sexing leopard geckos

  • It is best to check yourself to ensure you have a male and female, rather than trust people at a large pet store. Smaller specialists or Reptile show people typically will know their stuff.
  • Never house two males together or they will fight to the death.

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