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tangelo leopard gecko diet

Tangelo Leopard Gecko Diet

tangerine leopard gecko for saleWater is essential for a reptile’s health and well-being. A shallow dish of clean, fresh water must be provided at all times in the cool end. This must be cleaned and replaced at least daily and immediately if it is soiled. Feeding Leopard geckos mainly feed on invertebrates in the wild. In captivity, feed a varied diet of live invertebrates, called ‘livefood’. These include crickets, ‘calciworms’ and locusts, no bigger than the size of the gecko’s head. Feed waxworms sparingly as they are high in fat. Juveniles should be fed daily; adults every other day. You can also offer a washed dandelion or nasturtium flower once a month to supplement the diet. It is a good idea to weigh your gecko regularly. Feed in a separate container to prevent the gecko swallowing the substrate. If you feed in the vivarium, remove uneaten bugs to prevent them biting the gecko. It is vital that live invertebrates are fed a good diet, for their own wellbeing and because the nutrients will be passed on to the gecko. This process is called ‘gut-loading’. Provide them with dry cereal food, or special foods available from pet shops. Also, include fresh leaves such as dandelion to keep them hydrated. The captive environment does not supply all of the vitamins and minerals available in the wild, so supplements are required. Livefood should be lightly dusted with a vitamin and calcium supplement immediately before being offered to the gecko. Vitamins and minerals can be overdosed so always follow the instructions of the chosen brand. For example, with a well-set UV system, you will not need to supply a lot of vitamin D3. You should also provide a small bowl of plain calcium powder at all times for them to lick. Store supplements in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh.

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