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Large Tortoise for Sale

Interested in purchasing a large tortoise for sale? At we carry one of the largest varieties of captive bred large tortoises for sale online.

large tortoise for sale near melarge tortoise for salelarge tortoise for sale near melarge tortoises for saleWith over 25 Species of captive bred tortoise for sale online with Overnight shipping, tortoise town is your source for the widest selection of healthy captive bred tortoises shipped overnight for early morning arrival.  Our Large tortoise for sale selection includes some of the more rarer species like the Aldabra tortoise for sale, the African Sulcata tortoise for sale, including Ivory sulcata tortoises for saleleopard tortoises for sale including the giant south african leopard tortoise (pardalis pardalis) as well as forrest species like the beautiful burmese black mountain tortoise and burmese brown tortoises for sale.

What do tortoises like to eat?
Feeding your tortoise. Tortoises like a variety of plant-based foods, says Dr. Jaynes. Produce: About 80% of your pet tortoise’s daily diet should be fresh vegetables like kale, dandelions and collard greens. For fun, toss in a little green or yellow bell pepper, sweet potato, squash or cauliflower.

Can a turtle survive without its shell?
The shell of a turtle is not just a housing mechanism, it is bone with blood vessels and nerves. The turtles rib cage is actually fused with the top of a turtles shell(called the caraoace) which protects the turtles lungs. … There is no circumstance where a turtle could be removed from its shell.

How many years does a tortoise live?

50-100 years
Tortoises generally have one of the longest lifespans of any animal, and some individuals are known to have lived longer than 150 years. Because of this, they symbolize longevity in some cultures, such as China.

Is there a difference between a tortoise and turtle?

Both turtles and tortoises are Chelonians or members of the order Chelonia. “Turtle” and “tortoise” are common names, and, in the United States, a tortoise is a Chelonian that lives primarily on land, while turtles are Chelonians that are primarily aquatic or semi-aquatic. There are differences in diet as well.

Tortoise for sale online from CB Reptile

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Baby tortoises for sale

Some other species of pet tortoise for sale include the Sulcata tortoise, the Russian tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, Hermann’s tortoise.  Other species of large tortoise for sale or giant tortoise for sale include Aldabra tortoise, Sulcata tortoises, Leopard tortoise, giant leopard tortoise.

Some medium-sized tortoises for sale include red foot tortoise, yellow foot tortoise, cherry head tortoise, Burmese star tortoise, and Sri Lankan Star tortoise.  Other small tortoise includes the Indian star tortoise, western Hermann’s tortoise, and greek tortoise to name a few.

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