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Small Tortoise for Sale

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With over 25 species of captive bred tortoises for sale, CBReptile has some spectacular small tortoises for sale.  Some of the small tortoise species for sale include: Sir Lankan Star Tortoise and Burmese Star TortoisesIbera Greek TortoisesGolden Greek TortoisesElongated TortoisesMarginated TortoisesHingeback Tortoise & More.

Turtle vs. Tortoise. Tortoises and turtles are both reptiles from the order of Testudines, but in different classification families. The major difference between the two is that tortoises dwell on land, while turtles live in the water some or nearly all of the time.

Tortoise fun facts:

1. They like to sunbathe. Like all reptiles, tortoises are cold-blooded. They are also diurnal – which means that they’re predominantly active during the day – so draw from the environment to get warm, often sun-bathing to get the same result. Their flat, round feet are also good at drawing up heat from the ground.

2. Pregnant females will dig burrows and lay up to 30 eggs. They will then leave them to incubate and hatch entirely on their own.

3. The shell is 60 different bones. The most iconic feature of the tortoise is its shell, but in fact it isn’t a shell at all. A tortoise’s shell is made up of 60 different bones, all of which are connected to one another. The top of the shell is called a carapace, while the underside is called a plastron.

Tortoise for sale online from CB Reptile

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Baby tortoises for sale

Some other species of pet tortoise for sale include the Sulcata tortoise, the Russian tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, Hermann’s tortoise.  Other species of large tortoise for sale or giant tortoise for sale include Aldabra tortoise, Sulcata tortoises, Leopard tortoise, giant leopard tortoise.

Some medium-sized tortoises for sale include red foot tortoise, yellow foot tortoise, cherry head tortoise, Burmese star tortoise, and Sri Lankan Star tortoise.  Other small tortoise includes the Indian star tortoise, western Hermann’s tortoise, and greek tortoise to name a few.

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